“I currently use your GroupMail Email Newsletter Software and want to start tracking the open rates and click-through rates of my email campaigns. Do you offer email tracking?”

Yes We Do!

Our GroupMetrics email tracking service makes it easy to track the open rates and click-through rates of your newsletter and email marketing campaigns.

“Um, what are open rates and click-through rates by the way?”

An open rate is expressed as a percentage of the total number of recipients who viewed or opened your email. Open rates are measured using an < img > tag embedded in the HTML code of your outgoing emails. This code causes a small, transparent tracking image (not visible to the recipient) to launch when an email is opened. When the image is launched, then an “open” is recorded for that recipient. GroupMetrics compiles real-time, easy-to-interpret reports showing the percentage of opens and who (specifically) opened your email.

The average open rate in 2011 was 23.3% of messages sent.

A click-through rate is the measure of how many of your email recipients clicked on a link that you had in your email. GroupMetrics does this by adding special tracking code to the end of the URLs in your message which allows it to record the click-through rate activity for each link, right down to the specific click-through activity for each email address address on your mailing list.

The average click-through rate in 2011 was 5.9%

GroupMetrics can be used by everyone to track email campaigns, whether you use our GroupMail newsletter and email marketing software or not.

* There is a seamless tracking integration for GroupMail users — and open and click-through rates of email campaigns sent by GroupMail are tracked automatically if you want them to be (i.e. just click on Web Services in GroupMail and enable campaign tracking!)

But we’re all about the love here; so we made email tracking easy for those who don’t use GroupMail, also.

Here are instructions for tracking the open rates and click-through rates of your newsletter and email campaigns with GroupMetrics.

Step 1:  Login to your GroupMetrics account and click Create a Campaign


Give your campaign a name and enter the number of recipients you will be sending the email to (you can edit this later, so if you don’t know the number of recipients, just leave that blank for now.)


Step 2:  Here you can select to use Automatic Tracking in Groupmail or Copy the open rate link and paste it in the HTML of your email, below the BODY tag.


Step 3: Add a Descriptive Title for your Tracked Link and the full URL or the Link you wish to Track. Then Add Link.


If you wish, you can also add Goal Tracking. Goal tracking is designed specifically to detect web-traffic coming from emails.

Step 4: Add more links to track as desired. Click “Finish and View” when done.


Step 5: You can always go back to the campaign you created and edit is as necessary. To do this, login to your GroupMetrics account and click the Campaign name. Then, Click on Edit Campaign.


Step 6: You can add (or edit) the number of recipients and bounces here so that accurate open rate and click-through rate percentages are displayed. You can also add more tracking links. Just keep in mind that once you send your email, you won’t be able to track additional links unless you resend the email.


That is all there is to it!

After you send your email, GroupMetrics will do the rest and start generating reports for you, which you can view in real-time by logging in to your GroupMetrics account. You can also assign your important clients with login permissions to see the reports that you are tracking for them. Your reports can be downloaded as a .pdf presentation with graphs or as raw data in .csv format.

Here is some of what you can expect to see in your GroupMetrics reports.



Interested? Sign up for a GroupMetrics Account now!


Make email tracking even easier by integrating GroupMetrics with our popular newsletter and email marketing software, GroupMail.

To get started right away, sign-up for a GroupMetrics account to start tracking the open and click-through rates of your very next email!

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