Emails your subscribers cannot ignore

Emails your subscribers cannot ignore

Emails your subscribers cannot ignore Devising a marketing campaign which your subscribers – and the general public – cannot ignore, is the Holy Grail. By Rob Martin.   Rob Martin Since man first pressed the send icon on an electronic mail … Read More

Getting started with email marketing

Getting started with email marketing

Getting started with email marketing Who’s the target? What do you want them to do? Here’s our complete guide to planning your first email marketing campaign. By Rob Martin.   Rob Martin When you’re setting up your first campaign, it can … Read More

The Complete Guide to Good Email Habits

The Complete Guide to Good Email Habits There’s a lot of chat and noise out there about what works when it comes to email. These are our top tips. By Rob Martin.   Rob Martin Email writing – It’s like riding … Read More

eight-second rule in email marketing

The eight-second rule in email marketing

8 seconds: that’s all you have folks and here’s how to make it count in an email   First impressions are everything according to consumer insights expert Colm Carey. By Rob Martin.   Rob Martin Does it matter what time of … Read More

Email as marketing tool

Email as a Marketing Tool

Question: Why email as a marketing tool? Answer: “Because it arrives into a private space, more intimate, away from the social timeline.”   Email endures because good campaigns can make people feel a connection. By Rob Martin.   Rob Martin The … Read More

New Year goals

‘Tell me why I ‘do’ like Mondays’…especially in January

Why e-mails received early in the New Year can hit the right note, by Rob Martin.   Rob Martin It’s the first week of the New Year and across the globe bleary-eyed employees will be logging in armed with enthusiasm and … Read More

GM Its-A-Wonderful-Life

Make Sure Your Holiday Emails are more Wonderful Life than Bad Santa

Don’t panic if you haven’t yet gone into Christmas battle; the campaign sweet spot is almost upon us, says Rob Martin.   Rob Martin We’re not even into double figures on the December advent calendar and already the inboxes are overflowing. … Read More

Email Troubles

How the US election made email security a top priority

Email Troubles (Picture: al Jazeera)   A truly bizarre presidential election will ultimately prove a benefit for better cyber & email security, writes Rob Martin.   Rob Martin ‘You are the weakest link, goodbye!’ That’s a pretty harsh way to describe … Read More

John Lewis Black Friday

How a Black Friday email campaign can light up your sales

Research shows email marketing drives online sales during cyber week. Make sure you tick all the boxes for bargain hunters, says Rob Martin.   Rob Martin November is here which means Black Friday isn’t far behind. The event used to be … Read More

Email Marketing Frequency

What’s the Frequency Kenneth?

Picture courtesy of Marketingland   Email usage is rising, not falling. But, says Rob Martin, if you want to really engage your customers, keep the mails short, sweet and mobile friendly.     Rob Martin   There’s something about email … Read More

Increase Newsletter Subscriptions Ideas

Increase Newsletter Subscriptions

Increase Newsletter Subscriptions: Blogs, Discussion Lists, and Web Forums   Obviously, we all want everyone in the world to be as interested as we are in our newsletter, and more importantly our products and services. The fact is, many more … Read More

Self-hosted email marketing software

Self-Hosted Email Marketing Software – Groupmail Mercury

Self-hosted email marketing software with Groupmail Mercury We’re excited to be working on our brand new team-based, self-hosted email marketing software – Groupmail Mercury. What is Groupmail Mercury? Following on from our award winning desktop Groupmail software, Mercury is a … Read More

Groupmail One Direction

Back to the Future

Infacta was founded back in 1996 by Jonathan Hill with the release of the very first version of Groupmail. Since then we’ve worked on many new projects including Insights, GroupSurveys, Polldaddy, Delivery Hog, Miximo, Groupmail Forms, Hoolie, 51Monkeys, Sive & … Read More


Holiday Opening Hours

Our support team will be working all over Christmas at the times below, and can be contacted by email at December 17: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. December 18: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. December 19: Closed December 20: Closed December … Read More