About Groupmail Ltd

Founded in 1996 and now based in Strandhill, Co. Sligo, Ireland, our pioneer product, GroupMail, is considered one of the most advanced email marketing programs on the market today.

We have a customer-focused approach to software development which ensures that attention stays on our customer needs.

With our passionate and dedicated team, we consistently deliver high-quality, affordable marketing solutions to over one hundred thousand individuals, small-to-medium sized businesses, and international corporations in over one hundred and sixty countries around the world.

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Meet our dedicated team

Robert Martin

Director & CEO
I was born in Limerick but I don’t write them. Some know me as the inaugural Groupmail World Cup Xbox champion. I love football (the kind you play with your feet), but am mad about hurling (you know, the sport played in Ireland where they run around on a field and beat each other with heavy wooden sticks.) I also enjoy having a few pints of Guinness (after running around on a field beating people with heavy wooden sticks.) I am completing my degree in Business Management, so it won’t be long before I’m telling everyone what to do. (He told me to write this, and he hasn’t even graduated yet!)
When I’m not drinking after hurling or hurling after drink, I actually oversee all of Groupmail’s sales and marketing activities. They don’t let me drink or hit people with sticks when I’m doing that, but I still enjoy it.

Jonathan Hill

Director & Founder
Little did I know that back in 1996 while coding the precursor to GroupMail in my tiny rented bedroom I’d be the founder of a company with over a hundred thousand customers located all around the world. Hiding away in my little geek world I had little or no ambition to do anything but earn enough from shareware to buy my first car!. It’s been a wild but fantastic and thoroughly enjoyable ride since. Along the way I’m been lucky enough to meet and work with some fantastic people, all of whom have become close personal friends. I graduated from IT Sligo in 94, earned my scars in a variety of software companies, and benefited enough from the Y2K fiasco to eventually found Groupmail (I knew COBOL had to be good for something!).
Since founding Groupmail (formerly known as Infacta) I’ve had the privilege of receiving the Sligo Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year, and Sligo Rugby Club Person of the Year awards and guiding the company to receive a number of awards including the Sligo County Enterprise Board Company of the Year, the Deloitte Rising Star award, and, The City & County Enterprise Boards National Enterprise Awards Technology Award.
I was one of the founders of PollDaddy which was acquired in 2008 by Automattic Inc. (makers of WordPress).
When I’m not writing software, I love to spend time with my amazing wife and five children, run long, lift heavy stuff, read crappy books, listen to music, and build Lego.
Each and every day I try to live by the Golden Rule.

Honor Doyle

Customer Support
I’m from County Wexford in Ireland – a beautiful place. But don’t take my word for it. Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford is mentioned in the Ithaca chapter of James Joyce’s Ulysses (p. 812) as a flyleaf note in a book belonging to Leopold Bloom, where it is described as “Ennifcorthy [sic] the finest place in the world”. Joyce was a pretty smart guy, so I married a Wexford man and had a Wexford baby. Of course, Wexford isn’t the only beautiful place in the world.
I have been providing technical support at Groupmail for just over 6 years. I still get a buzz from helping customers with problems or explaining advanced features of our software and love when someone takes the time to thank me and express appreciation. It makes it all worthwhile (hint, hint). Although I understand if screaming and shouting seems more appropriate at times. I have a PhD in Patience.
I come from a farming background so I love being out and about on the farm with our animals which I enjoy looking after in my spare time. I also love to cook and have people around for dinner so I experiment with new recipes. Thai Food is probably my favourite.

Derek McDermott

Systems Architect
The oldest and most sensible member of the team, I’ve been involved in computers almost since the days of Charles Babbage, having learned to program back in the late ’70s on a Commodore PET. Since those long forgotten days of Personal Computing, I graduated from the University of Ulster with a ‘serious’ degree and have spent the last few years of my life (obviously don’t have too long to live) immersed in a variety of commercial applications ranging from traditional data processing, to multi-media and now, the web – which for me, has captured all of the excitement of the early days.
When not behind schedule, I like to go home occasionally to meet my wife and child in Kinlough, Co. Leitrim, and relax in the beautiful countryside where we’re just two miles from the coast. As an antidote to technology, gardening features large in my life, and I’m continually fighting a losing battle against slugs and rushes. Trees are relatively immune, so I collect and plant ornamental varieties and, when no one’s looking, give them a bit of a hug. In my spare time I like to buy books, and one of these days I’m actually going to read one of them.

Tsz Yan Lau

Software Developer
Hi, I’m Tsz Yan and I understand if you can’t pronounce my name. You can call me Chen. I am from a small town in China and came to Ireland a couple of years ago to study at the Institute of Technology in Sligo (and to meet the lads from Westlife – just kidding) where I received a First Class BSc Honours in Computing . I also won the “Outstanding Student of the Year Award” in 2003.
After graduation, I joined the team at Groupmail as a programmer and tester. I haven’t won any awards here yet, but I’m practicing so that I can beat Rob and become the next Groupmail World Cup Champion on the XBox.. If practice doesn’t work, then I might know of a way to program the Xbox so that this dream is realised.
In my spare time I raise chinchillas and tropical fish. I want to breed them to have lots of babies (chinchilla and tropical fish babies that is.)

Paul Maye

Network Administrator
Hi I’m Paul and I’m not an alcoholic!
Although Guinness is good for you. And red wine. And it’s always good to be social.
I’m not a ‘Geek’ but I love IT stuff but I’m still not a ‘Geek’ (I think). I have a huge passion for cars, I absolutely love them and I think there’s nothing better than getting into my car on a long summers evening and going for a long drive with my favourite type of music playing. Hard Rock! Then get back home and tune the engine or more often in my case… un-tune the engine ?
Now that you have a good impression of me, here’s some of my facts and figures. Finished my final exams in school and then went to Holland for a year working in various horticultural industries, i.e. working in fields. I then came back to Ireland and started at the bottom working in the computer industry and within a year I had met the love of my life (now together 11 years and married), and moved to the UK with her. There I worked for 7 wonderful years in Northumbria University in Newcastle and worked my way up from an apprentice helpdesk technician through to senior technician and then on to a full Systems Administrator.
My wife and I moved back to Ireland after those 7 years and it’s the best move we ever made and I achieved employment in the wonderful company of Groupmail as a Networks Administrator. I’m here nearly 3 years now and looking forward to many more happy and hard working years with them ahead.

Cliona Quinn

Office Administrator
I am a true Sagittarian, which means that I am optimistic, freedom-loving, jovial, good-humored, honest, straightforward, intellectual and philosophical. Unfortunately, it also means that I’m blindly optimistic, careless, irresponsible, superficial, tactless and restless. Can you be part Sagittarian?
I live in Strandhill, Co. Sligo (Ireland.) Strandhill is a seaside town that hosts international surfing competitions. Epic. In my free time I enjoy going for walks with my partner and watching my son build sandcastles on the strand. I find it to be the most peaceful and safest place in the world. Unless you’re surfing – because you can really hurt yourself when you do that.
I started working with Groupmail in January 2008 and was made to feel so welcome as soon as I dropped in the door (probably because I’m jovial, good-humored and intellectual.) In the short time that I’ve been working here, I have learned so much about email marketing. I’m stoked.
When I’m not hanging ten with Groupmail, I love socialising with my friends, dancing and going to live concerts. I’m also mad into cars and especially love Hondas. I get really frustrated by people who drive too slow, don’t indicate clearly and in good time and park badly (unless it’s my boss – then I just smile and say “Good morning Jonathan.”)