How to send better email campaigns with GroupMail Insights Tracking

Measurement is the key to improving and creating successful campaigns for any marketeer. Which is why you need the rights tools when it comes to measuring the success of your email campaigns.     Rob Martin   At GroupMail, we recommend … Read More

Insights – Email Tracking FAQ

  What is Insights? Insights allows you to Track open and click through rates on your email campaigns.  As your opens and clicks come in, we record this information into neat and helpful reports.  With this you can find out … Read More

Insights – Assign Client Access Permissions

Insights allows you provide ‘Client Access’ to your Insights Campaigns. Once you sign into your Insights Account. On the left side of the screen click on “Settings”.   Click on + Button Enter your ‘Client’s Email’ Enter your ‘Client’s Name’ … Read More

View Insights Tracking Reports within GroupMail

You can now Launch and View your Insights Tracking Report from within GroupMail. Assuming that you have added Insights Tracking to your GroupMail Message. To View the Tracking Report, in GroupMail go to : Messages, Sent Messages. Along the left side of the … Read More

Tracking Email Open and Click-Through Rates with GroupMail

GroupMail customers have had access to email tracking with our Insights email tracking service for years. But the release of GroupMail 6 has made tracking email open rates and click-through rates of your GroupMail newsletter and email marketing campaigns easier than … Read More

Email Tracking: Open Rates, Click-Through Rates and Goals with Insights

“I currently use your GroupMail Email Newsletter Software and want to start tracking the open rates and click-through rates of my email campaigns. Do you offer email tracking?” Yes We Do! Our Insights email tracking service makes it easy to … Read More

Email Marketing Reports: Email Open and Click-Through Rates

How many people opened your latest email campaign? How many people clicked on each link in your last message? What email addresses on your list should you send a follow up email to? With our Insights email tracking service, you … Read More