Steps to Uninstall GroupMail

How do I Uninstall GroupMail from my Machine ? Note : The images in this article are based on a Microsoft Windows 8.1 Operating Systems. However the same steps will apply to all Windows Operating Systems. 1. Close all Programs, then go … Read More

I’ve lost my GroupMail Product Key, what can I do ?

Your GroupMail Product Key is available on the Customer Section of our Website once you Log-On. Note: If you can’t remember your Log-On Details, you can easily  retrieve them from our Customer Login page (using the same email address as provided on your Order ). Your Log-On … Read More

How to Send GroupMail Messages Faster ?

Customers often ask us for Tips to Improve Sending Speeds. There are many factors which will impact your sending speed. Here are some useful Tips to increase Sending Speeds : Message Size : Using Remote Images will reduce your message size. Upload File Attachments to a … Read More

How to Schedule regular Backup’s with GroupMail

Can I Schedule a Backup to run in GroupMail ? Yes! you certainly can… In GroupMail select Scheduler along the top of your screen. Click on ‘Schedule New Event’. Select ‘Schedule a Backup” and press Next. Here you need to select the … Read More

When your Mail Server has a daily sending limit

My Mail Server has a daily sending limit, what can I do ? Your all set to send your mailing and you discover that your mail server has a limit to the number of messages you can send per day, … Read More

Sending from GroupMail via Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

In order to send messages from GroupMail through your Microsoft Exchange Mail Server, the Exchange Server needs to be configured to Relay (your IT Person can do this for you). Here are some useful steps to follow : // Also … Read More

Need to Update my Log-On Account Details

How can I update my Account Details on the Customer Area of the Website ? Firstly, you need to log-on to the Customer Area on our Website. Enter your Email and Password then press the Login Button. Click on your Licence … Read More

The GroupMail Customers Area is not in English

Because GroupMail email newsletter and marketing software is used in over 160 countries and available to install in English, Spanish, French and German; the GroupMail Customers Area is available in multiple languages to support customers around the world. Normally, when you login … Read More

Email Marketing Deliverability: Tips on Delivering to your Inbox

We often get asked “How can I ensure my messages go to the Recipients Inbox ?“… With this in mind, we’ve put together some tips to help ensure your messages get delivered to the recipients Inbox. Blacklists It’s also important … Read More

Using Partial Sending and Filters to Target Email Campaigns

If you don’t have the time or inclination to split your master list into multiple groups for targeted email campaigns, there are a number of ways that GroupMail can help you to manage delivery. Use Partial Sending With GroupMail, you … Read More

Can’t Launch GroupMail on Windows Server 2003

When GroupMail is installed on a Windows Server 2003 machine, some users experience issues with installation or subsequent crashing as Microsoft Data Execution Prevention (DEP) can potentially prevent GMMain.exe from running. (DEP is designed to stop potentially malicious code from … Read More