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I just spent a half hour explaining to one of your competitors why I chose GroupMail over their product. That is not something I will usually take the time to do, but I just like your software so much, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to explain why GroupMail was so much better. Then I realized I should at least take a few more minutes to let you know what a great job you did. I evaluated nearly 30 different mass mail programs and was disappointed with all of them. When I tried group mail it was as if the heavens opened and I knew I had found what I was looking for. The program is clean and concise. Everything is organized in such an intuitive manner that it felt like I already knew how to use everything before I used it. Every feature that I was looking for was there. And maybe this is just because of the drudgery I experienced in reviewing so many other products but every time I open GroupMail now, I get this little thrill, which comes from the knowledge that I’m using a product that is hands down better then any of the others that I tried.
Joshua Choate Director of Technology, Healthcare Insights, LLC
Just wanted you to know that all your help was greatly appreciated. We sent out our first e-mail yesterday, to 6,500 union members around the state. The program worked flawlessly. My colleague said that every other group e-mail program he had tried in the past choked on large lists, and he was skeptical that this one would work. Not only did it work, but it has more features than the much-higher-priced competition we were also looking at. The parsing of first and last names is fantastic, since our current membership system doesn’t separate the names. Thank you again for an amazing product and world-class service.
Adam J. Blust Wisconsin Education Association Council –
I’ve been using GroupMail for over two years. What has impressed me most (beyond just the great software itself) is your INCREDIBLE customer service. Every time I’ve sent in a suggestion on how to improve the software, you’ve always found a way to incorporate that suggestion and release an updated version–within just a few days! In every interaction I’ve had with you I’ve been incredibly impressed with your efficiency, enthusiasm, attention to detail, and top quality of both your product & service. I wish everyone did business they way you do. Just wanted you to know you’ve got a very happy customer. Keep up the great work!
Andrew Wilder
Just a note to congratulate you on a great software package. I have been evaluating a number of packages for a small newsletter of 3500 business subscribers. I just thought that I should write and let you know that of all the software, yours is the one that stands out from the crowd. I was amazed at the well thought out interface. The Plug-ins all work well and make the management of a newsletter so simple. The price is really good too. All the other ones are far dearer than yours. Our Australian dollar is worthless against the US dollar so this is very important to us Australian purchasers that the price is right.
Robert Harder BBS Newsletter
Group Mail 5 is the easiest program I have ever worked with! I am blown away by how simple it is to use. I do a weekly Newsletter for a high school football team. I use GroupMail to manage a database of 150+ people (parents, players, coaches, students, fans, alumni, relatives of players). I can’t believe how quick and easy it is to deliver this now. It used to take 10-20 minutes to send it via Outlook, and I was always “choking” the SMTP server. Now, it takes about 2-3 minutes, and no failures. The interface is easy to follow – just an outstanding program!
Mike Coons
The day I bought GroupMail, I sent out a large email and I am delighted to say it worked like a charm! The instructions on how to transfer data from an excel spreadsheet were detailed and clear, and the transfer was instantaneous! I was both relieved and delighted that it worked so quickly and easily. I got an updated list the following day, transferred that in, and the system sorted out the duplicates and sent to the new recipients only. Without GroupMail, this process would have been onerous and taken me hours! I guess you could say I’m a convert! A sincere thank you!
Janet Stark NewMindsets Learning Support
…let me just say how important GroupMail is to the functioning of our nonprofit organization. It is a near perfect piece of software that allows us to send mass email to our supporters in a much more convenient way than Constant Contact, iContact, etc. Thanks again to all who’ve developed it, and we will look forward to utilizing Hoolie as well. Great to hear that you’re planning to add the “send again to those who didn’t receive” function. That will be very helpful.
Ben Schumaker Founder & Director, The Memory Project
I never do this, but I just thought I’d contact you to compliment you on your e-mailing software. I have the free version, at the moment. It downloaded without a hitch, was easy to configure, is user friendly (I’m not tech savvy), and works perfectly…if all software worked like yours, life would be a hell of a lot easier. Keep up the good work.
Brian Grove
I just wanted you to know that I have been using Group Mail now for about a month and a half, and so far it has worked like a charm. I wanted to take a brief moment to thank you for all the technical support you gave me at the beginning of my efforts!
Steve Kelly
Every week, I send out a followup message to anyone who asked for a quotation on my site the week before. I don’t want to send a group email, that would be unprofessional. So I use GroupMail to send out a personalize message to each one of them. It only takes me a few clicks and the software does all the work for me! Love it!
Vittorio Bosio
As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), I often need to reach my client base with the latest tax changes. Infacta helps me to send mass emails to my client base, while allowing each email look as if I wrote it specifically to the individual reading the email. GroupMail makes my life much easier!
Jon D. Jaques CPA, Murfreesboro, TN
I did a lot of research before settling on GroupMail. The free version really helped me get to know the program and gave me time to recommend GroupMail to LOTS of other people. I encouraged them to try it because the risk was only the time it took to learn the program. GroupMail is head and shoulders above the other programs I evaluated – thank you!
Mary Westheimer Kevin Caron Studios
Excellent, quick support is the hallmark of any good product. With a knowledgeable and prompt support staff and a full feature set GroupMail shows over and over again that it’s quality software programmed by top-notch people. The ability to add custom attachments to your bulk emails is literally one of a kind. That feature alone makes the product indispensable. Highly recommended.
Alex O Digital Marketing Manager, CQH
I’ve always been impressed with GroupMail and my experience has been nothing but pure joy. GroupMail has been updated countless times, and each version becomes better than the one before, although I’ve never had any complaints. I once had a glitch after installing and the support staff answered my e-mails quickly and got it figured out within a day. I love this product and the updates too!
Kathryn Martyn Smith M.NLP
I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your software. After trying for days to manually handle a mailing list I tried to find some software which would make the job easier. I downloaded several different programs, and deleted almost as many when it was impossible to figure out how to get them to work properly. GroupMail was different. It was so easy to set up and run. I think I was using your program in less time than it took to download it (on a DSL Line) Just wanted to say thank you.
Richard O. Collins Alumni Relations – Business Alumni Council, University of New Orleans
Let me begin by thanking you for such a tremendous product. We’ve been using GroupMail for a little over two years now. We have purchased two licenses and will be purchasing another one in the near future and possibly one for our office in Brazil. You have done fabulous work with this software. It allows us to communicate weekly with over 2,300 listeners throughout Latin America who receive the scripts to one of our programs, which helps them learn English. I couldn’t handle this task without GroupMail. Thank you!
Allen C. Graham
I used GroupMail as soon as I downloaded it and the program worked flawlessly. It was a dream, very easy to use. All of my recipients received their personal email messages and were very satisfied. Your product is outstanding and I look forward to using it often. Your customer service is also excellent. I wish you much success with your business.
Robert Glen
We have been using GroupMail for over 5 years and love that we can easily connect to our in-house databases and personalize each email, without complicated integration that SaaS services require. The software is flexible and reliable, and any questions have always been answered well and promptly.
Paul Lepa CEO,
As a new user, I was immediately impressed with the quality and easy of use of GroupMail. But what really stands out in my mind and sets Infacta apart is the customer service experience. From the first email I received with my license and download information to the customer only area of the Infacta web site, I can tell Infacta is committed to providing superior customer service and satisfaction. They have set the standard for other software vendors to follow.
Kirby Turner whitepeaksoftware
I made the decision to purchase GroupMail because of its features and look and feel. I am very impressed with the program. I’m also a web/email marketing consultant for a few different companies in my area, that I’ve done design work for. Since using your program, I know that I will be recommending that those companies purchase and use your program, for their email marketing needs.
Jordan Harwood
After evaluating several mailing list management systems I have found “GroupMail Pro” to be by far the most powerful and easy to manage system on the market. GroupMail Pro is head and shoulders above its competition. Clearly, your company has spent considerable time and resources in developing GroupMail Pro to such a high level. I would recommend your company and products to anyone.
Steve Kelly Managing Director,
We have done an extensive amount of email to our guests for the last year and a half. I had tried them all – list services, cgi scripts, other programs similar to yours and more. Yesterday we bought your GroupMail Pro. I am soooo impressed! We did a mailing this morning. Just the one plug-in that takes care of the bounces and unsubscribes was worth every penny. Just wanted to say thanks!
Michelle Herrin Online Marketing Manager, Perry’s Ocean Edge Resort,
GroupMail is excellent for fun and business. I use GroupMail for an informal joke network as well as keeping my customers informed of software updates and the status of projects in development. It allows me to easily send targeted messages to registered software users and users involved with various beta projects. Thank You.
Gregory Engel Engel and Associates
GroupMail Plus is one of the most thoughtfully conceived, easy to learn and use, and effective software packages we’ve ever tried. Our staff was able to master the program and use its full potential in less than one day. Communicating with our current and potential customers has never been faster or easier. The ability to export and import databases flawlessly is an added bonus. GroupMail Plus is well worth the investment.
Rick L. Frimmer CEO, Live Discs, LLC
GroupMail is a terrific tool for a small business with a limited marketing budget. It has enabled us to send out a polished newsletter to our opt-in e-mail customer list on a much more regular basis. It’s easy to use, even for a non-technical person. I endorse it wholeheartedly!
Nancy MacRae
To get right to the point – GroupMail is the best bulk mailing program ever created! As the owner and operator of the Concert Direct web site, I must keep our registered users up to date with what is happening on the site and in the music industry. I depend on GroupMail software to get the job done. Its easy layout and straight-forward instructions are a pleasure and its speed is incredible. GroupMail is definitely the best there is when it come to bulk mailing!
Evan E. Zelig Concert Direct
I’ve been using GroupMail for about 3 years now. I send out an email blast to a 700+ tax district community about once or twice a week, and only once did I need help. I needed some technical advise on how to set up a new upgrade mailer, and within a short period of time, the help was there. I’ve tried numerous e-mail programs and none of them even come close to matching GroupMail. GroupMail is easy to use, very efficient and technical help is always available. What more can you ask for?
Ray A. DeCormier Ph.D. Emeritus, CCSU
I just wanted you to know that I have been using GroupMail now for about a month and a half, and so far it has worked like a charm. I wanted to take a brief moment to thank you for all the technical support you gave me at the beginning of my efforts! You were very patient and resourceful, and I very much appreciate it! I recommend the GroupMail whenever I have opportunity! It’s a great product! Hope all is well, and wishing you the greatest success! Blessings and peace!
Paul Rhode
Just a quick note to say that this is one of the most well-designed and smoothest operating software packages I have had the pleasure to own. I wish Microsoft products worked this well.
David Burch
God bless your software engineers for developing such a beautiful worthy program. As an individual I find it very useful; organizations of every size will find it much more useful. I was always wishing that there should be such program available somewhere. Indeed a wish come true. Thanks once again.
Dinesh Valke
GroupMail is an excellent product – powerful yet easy to use. I was sending hundreds of personalized e-mails within a couple of hours of installing the software.
Cathal O’Connor Multimedia Solutions Ltd.,
Sure beats the hell out of all the other, more expensive, programs I tried (couldn’t even get them to WORK properly). Since I don’t have 40 hours a week to spend learning some exotic program… your clean, straight forward no-nonsense approach is very refreshing… which aids my productivity considerably.
Dave Rietz Mission Possible, South Carolina
First let me congratulate your team on developing this fantastic product. We have been searching for such a product for a long time and after we tried the free version, we knew we had finally got the performance and quality we wanted.
Mark Paul
I just wanted to let you know that GroupMail is a terrific product. Every aspect of the product from the documentation to the actual product is well done and excellent. Congratulations from a marketing professional in the software industry.
Steve Pollock VP of Marketing, Real Intent –
Metro is the largest and fastest growing International newspaper in the world. I invested in the program GroupMail and it paid off in less than a week!!
Brian Brown
You guys are great, your product is wonderful and customer support is awesome!
Adel Luzuriaga
I have been with you guys for over 13 years… Thank you for such a great product!
Pete Liappis Chief Operations Officer
Excellent Customer Service Department! Do Not EVER do anything to drop the quality of your Support and Customer Service Departments! Thank you.
Lynn Hoggan
GroupMail is just so excellent, a pleasure to use it, thank you very much.
Michael Maardt CEO, KnowWare Publishing
I’ve been testing out the free version for quite a while now, and I’m ready to take the leap. Fantastic program! It’s made my emailing life much easier!
Deborah Buck
I’ve used (or tried to use) hundreds of shareware utilities over the years and I have to say, yours is one of the top five I’ve ever downloaded. It saves us a thousand dollars a week in fax broadcast charges as it allows us to easily send out our weekly newsletter to eight hundred recipients via email. Not to mention the time it has saved. Thanks again for making my job easier and my boss happier.
Adil Alshab
I’m using GroupMail daily to keep in contact with approx. 1600 translators spread all over the world, GroupMail has greatly reduced the work in tracking and mailing work on the different projects we are involved in. I can warmly recommend GroupMail to anyone who need to mail a lot of people regularly.
Peter Kjeldsen Avalon Technologies Ltd.
We use GroupMail to keep our customers informed of our latest software releases. It is easy to use and works great!
Tony Cirigliano
Your team has provided the best service of _any_ company I have dealt with in a long while! As the kids say, “This program rocks!” Thanks!
I’ve said it before, the customer support that organisation [GroupMail] offers is class leading.
Max Schenker C.Eng M.Eng MIMechE FrazerPart - Porsche parts specialist
Thanks for all of your help and support – I really depend on GroupMail on a daily basis – I love the program!
Janet del Rio
Thank you, Rob, all is well… GroupMail is a great product…
H. Lee Rust Florida Corporate Finance
I purchased your software and had great success with it. We have cut our marketing cost and increased our professionalism.
Fred Gillespie Toronto Canada
Everything one could want from an email marketing perspective.
Julian Ehrhardt Digital White Ltd,
We have used GroupMail successfully for several years. The software is superb. Very easy to use and what little technical support we have needed has been excellent. I would highly recommend GroupMail to any business with email at the heart of their marketing strategy.
Jon Case CEO School Software Solutions Ltd


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