SMTP Error Code

Server says: 550 Access Denied – Invalid HELO name

Solution for Error: Server Says: 550 Access Denied – Invalid HELO name 

A “550 Access Denied – Invalid HELO name” SMTP error usually occurs when the SMTP Domain configured as part of an email sender’s identity does not match the senders email address.

To modify the SMTP Domain name associated with your sender identity in GroupMail, do the following.

1. Go To Tools/Account Manager and highlight the account you are sending from.

2. Click Modify

3. On the Delivery Options screen, click on the Advanced button.

4. Under the “SMTP Domain” section of the Advanced screen, click on Custom and add the domain of the email address you are sending from (i.e. or

5. Click OK on the Advanced screen and then OK again on the Delivery Options screen to save your changes.

If you continue to have problems after changing the SMTP Domain name, contact the GroupMail support team. They will be happy to help you to fix it.

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