“I sent my email newsletter out today and it arrived with a garbled subject line that included “=?windows-1252?Q?email subject??=” in front of my subject with underscores_between_words. What happend to my Subject line?”

Sometimes, when you include certain punctuation, such as a question mark (?) or an apostrophe () in the Subject line content of your email, the email will be delivered with a Subject Line looking something like :

=?windows-1252?Q?email subject??= My_Subject_Line_Looks_Horrible

This happens because certain characters are not recognized as valide Subject line elements by the recipient email client that is rendering it during delivery. Subject lines that are too long according to the standards of a particular email client may also cause a similar problem.

So, if your email Subject lines are getting garbled with something like =?windows-1252?Q?email subject??= in front of them, try modifying your Subject line content in a way that does not include punctuation.

If that does not resolve the issue, please contact the GroupMail technical support team.

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