If you use email to communicate with large groups of customers or subscribers, it is a good idea to be familiar with the bulk email sender guidelines of ISPs. Life is so much easier when you have bulk sending resources at your fingertips.

Understanding the bulk email sender guidelines, feedback loops (FBL) and blacklist or blocklist removal procedures of ISPs makes managing your email delivery and sender reputation so much easier.

Below, please find some useful links to bulk email sender guidelines and resources for some of the major ISPs.

AOL Postmaster site
AOL Support pages
AOL Postmaster blog

AT&T Postmaster site
AT&T Blocking information

BellSouth Postmaster site
BellSouth Blocking Page

Charter Postmaster site

Comcast Postmaster site
Comcast FBL signup
Comcast Blocklist removal form

Cox Postmaster site
Cox FBL signup
Cox Blocklist removal instructions

Earthlink request for blocklist removal

Excite Postmaster site
Excite FBL information

Gmail Bulk sender guidelines
Gmail Sender troubleshooting

Hotmail Postmaster site
Hotmail FBL information
Hotmail Sender support pages

Rackspace Postmaster site
Rackspace FBL information

RoadRunner Postmaster site
RoadRunner FBL information

OpenSRS FBL information

USA.net Postmaster site
USA.net FBL information

Verizon Postmaster site
Verizon Whitelist support

Yahoo Postmaster site
Yahoo FBL information
Yahoo Mail Bulk Sender Form
Yahoo Sender Support information

It is always a better idea to work with ISPs rather than against them. The more you understand about bulk email sender guidelines, policies and requirements of your ISP and the ISPs of your recipients, the easier it will be to get your email delivered to the inbox of your recipients. Of course, it is not always easy to get a quick answer from a large ISP; so the resources above will make things a little easier for you.

Interested? GroupMail bulk email software makes it easier to manage your email lists, delivery and reputation.

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