Christmas Email Marketing Campaign

Don’t be a humbug when it comes to sending your Christmas email campaign.

After pushing hard sales for Black Friday, it’s vital to soften the tone for a successful Christmas campaign.


You’ve survived the frenzy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and it’s now time to focus on your Christmas campaign —and the tone needs shift in order to keep your subscribers engaged.

After a week of daily emails from brands flooding people’s inboxes with “an EXTRA 20% off Black Friday discounts” and “even more amazing deals!” most people will be suffering from Black Friday fatigue.

When the very last yuletide bargain has been wrapped up, the madness calmed down, the last thing people want is more emails shoved in their faces about “offers you can’t afford to miss!”

It’s time to change your campaign strategy, drop the hard sells and focus on giving.

After all, isn’t that what transformed Scrooge? Realising that Christmas isn’t about making a profit, turned the profit-driven old miser into a generous, and jubilant giver.

But before December arrives, make sure you’re giving something unique to your subscribers, so you can enjoy the most wonderful time of the year for email campaigns.


Increase frequency to boost your brand recognition

During the busiest retail period of the year, you can get away with sending more emails than usual.

While chances are that after the dozens of Black Friday offers flooding people’s inboxes, you won’t get as many clicks and opens, don’t let this put you off.

It’s not a waste of time if your subscribers don’t open all your emails. People will still see your email and its message in their inbox regardless, and this reminder can be beneficial to your branding.


Guide your customers to the perfect Christmas gift

Black Friday kicked off Christmas shopping, so many will have most of theirs finished. But there’s always those who leave their shopping to the last minute, and those who simply don’t have the time to think about their shopping until the middle of December.

Inspire your subscribers with customised gift guides and release different categories throughout the month. Categorise them by: “Gifts for him”, “Gifts for her”, “Gifts under €20”, “stocking fillers etc.”

Don’t just share your products; offer useful information about the product to help your customers decide what they want to purchase.


Alternative advent calendars aren’t just for gin

Retailers are making a killing with alternative advent calendars. Almost every brand now has one filled with luxury beauty products, artisanal gin, rare whisky, and tokens for sausage rolls.

It’s enough to create FOMO with some companies who mightn’t have their own branded advent calendar. But be a new-and-improved Scrooge and remember that Christmas is about giving not selling.

Running an advent email campaign gives your customers something valuable without them having to make an extortionate down payment for a small daily freebie.

Place your advent calendar graphic front and centre in your newsletter, and each day reveal a different prize, offer, discount, a competition, or extended free shipping and returns.


And God bless us, every one!

Of course you have an offer that customers just can’t afford to miss. But rather than being pushy, use a little festive word play to soften the delivery. For example: “Have yourself a Merry little Christmas with 20% off…”

But remember, the whole point is giving, not selling. And another thing —don’t forget to wish your subscribers a Happy Christmas.

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