With less than 4 weeks to go until Christmas and a flurry of sales campaigns arriving into inboxes, velvet is proving to be a highly clickable buzzword.


The period between Black Friday and Christmas is one of the busiest and most competitive times for email marketers, making it more challenging to engage your subscribers. It’s a time when email subject lines matter more than ever when it comes to reaching the masses.

And the key to making sure your subscribers click on your email out of the dozens, maybe even hundreds, of other campaigns arriving in their inbox is by harnessing the power of trends.

Every market has a new trend, whether it’s in fashion, technology, children’s toys or food. Using your tools as a marketer, find the product that’s most popular with your customers and make this the focus of your email subject line.
So, why are we talking about velvet? Well it’s only because it’s one of the hottest trends in women’s fashion right now. And the big retailers are making the most of that fact; they are popping the word velvet into as many email subject lines as possible or planning entire campaigns around it.

It’s a simple exercise really – when any subscriber see an email about a sought-after item in their inbox, the more likely they are to open and engage with the campaign.

In the last few years, after something of a hiatus, velvet has slowly come back into women’s fashion, becoming the most sought-after material to wear during the winter season.

With Christmas work parties, and festive gatherings with friends and family about to hit us, an awful lot of people are on the lookout for velvet – in the shape of a dress, suit, coat or collar.

Check out the email subject lines from the following brands who are making the most of their velvet pieces to push their email campaigns.


“Luxurious velvet that drapes like a dream” Seasalt

“Velvet’s New attitude” Reiss

“Let’s revisit velvet shall we?” Anthropologie Europe

“Welcome to the party season —in luxurious velvet, make a modern statement with metallics or add sparkle” John Lewis

“Feeling festive: draped in velvet, wrapped in cashmere, decked in lace, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…” Jigsaw

These inviting email subject lines have the right language and keywords to stand out in inboxes.

And when the content inside keeps the promise of the subject line, your subscribers should take the action you want them to.

It’s all about knowing what’s popular with your audience and what they want. LEGO is usually at the top of Christmas lists in letters to Santa, so if you have a great offer on LEGO sets, focus your campaign on this.

Whether it’s velvet or LEGO, planning your campaign and subject line around a trend can guarantee that your email is seen among the rest of the competition.

So, for your next campaign, no matter what business you are in, let the 2018 velvet trend inspire you. Make sure you include a hot-trend word or phrase in an email subject line to guarantee a festive campaign success.


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