A question we get asked a lot here is, “why would a customer choose email marketing software (such as GroupMail) over an email marketing service provider”. We believe there are a number of advantages (granted we might be a tiny bit biased here).

1. Privacy.
All of your data is kept on your PC, therefore privacy is in your own hands (Unless of course someone runs away with your PC 🙂 ).

2. No Per-Email Cost and No Monthly Fees.
You purchase the software once and you can use it over and over again without paying any other fees.

3. Offline Mode.
Unlike a service, you don’t always have to be connected to the Internet to work on your campaign – the only time you need a connection is when you send your emails and to handle subscriptions/removal requests.

GroupMail - Email Marketing Software

4. HTML Email Design Control.
Create your own HTML email design and import to the software quickly and easily, or alternatively, use one of the HTML templates provided – no website or HTML design skills are needed.

5. Email List Freedom.
You get unlimited use of the software.. you can create an unlimited number of groups, subscribers and mailings (without any additional costs). You can also add any type of email address, and although we might not recommend it, you can even use a purchased or rented list. The majority of service providers either place restrictions on your list, or at the very least request that your contacts opt-in once again.

6. Database and Spreadsheet Integration.
Email marketing software such as GroupMail works directly with your current database (Business Edition and above). Excel, Access, SQL, MySQL, ACT and many more databases are supported. (Therefore you don’t need to maintain two separate lists).

7. No Restrictions .
You’re in control of your mailings, what you send, when you send and how you segment your list etc. There are no restrictions.

Yes, as I said we’re a little biased, but these are some pretty good reasons to choose an email marketing software such as GroupMail over an email marketing service provider.

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