Send Bulk Emails using Gmail

How to Send Bulk Emails using Gmail

Our GroupMail newsletter software is a great way to connect your Gmail account and send bulk emails using Gmail. In addition, you can export your Gmail contacts and import to GroupMail in an instant. You can then use the mail merge feature of GroupMail to send personalized messages to all your Gmail contacts, directly from your PC.

Note, Gmail have strict strict sending limits when sending bulk emails:

– 500 emails per day when sending from their web interface
– 100 emails per day when sending from a desktop email client
– 10mb per message

However, GroupMail allows you to configure your sending to remain within the Gmail guidelines. So, you can send your bulk email over a number of days so that you never exceed that 100 message per day quota.

Send Bulk Emails using Gmail

View our step-by-step tutorial to set-up your Gmail sending account within GroupMail.

Using Gmail with GroupMail is a great option if you’re sending to a small list, however if you have a large list, then you may need to look at alternative providers. One provider we highly recommend is SMTP2Go.

We’ve now teamed up with SMTP2Go to offer all GroupMail customers (Personal, Business and Marketing) 10,000 emails per month completely free (valued at $139 per year). To get started, simply download the latest GroupMail release and join SMTP2Go today for better email delivery.

For more information, you can view Gmail’s own guidlines on sending bulk email here:

Want to try it out: Download GroupMail for Free.

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