Pinterest, the online pinboard utility which allows people, and especially women, to share the things they love with others already has over 10.4 million users registered.

Over 97% of Pinterest users are women!

pinterest woos women users
Source: TechCrunch

One of the ways that Pinterest keeps women engaged is to send email notifications to them when their pals have pinned something new up on the board. This re-engages women with their community and prevents that lull of attention which foreshadows a decline in participation and member activity.

TechCrunch reporter Josh Constine seems to think that email notifications relating to new activity in a community might be annoying to users:

[Update: Pinterest also employs aggressive reengagement emails to notify users when their friends join, which may be assisting growth but annoying users.] – TechCrunch

I couldn’t disagree more. Like Facebook email notifications which alert users to new activity on the site; Pinterest email activity notification messages is what will keep the momentum of participation in the community alive and well. When women see that a certain influencer, trend setter or friend has shared a new outfit or handbag or restaurant, they will undoubtedly visit the site to check it out, especially if it is relating to a topic, product or service that is especially relevant and contextual at the moment that the email arrives.

When I asked my wife about this, she said, without any hesitation, that one of the first things that she does when she checks her email is to scan her Facebook email notifications to see if anything exciting happened since she last logged in. She feels that these are anticipated messages that would add great value rather than annoy most women.

What do you think about email notifications? Do they help to keep you engaged in communities or do they just annoy you?

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