Newsletter Design

You don’t need to be a design whizz to create a sharp looking newsletter. But there are some elements you need to include to keep your subscribers coming back. By Rob Martin.


When designing your email newsletter, you need to make it stand out from the crowd —for all the right reasons.

This means creating a clean, clear, and beautifully simple design that makes it easy for subscribers to read. So, if you’re tempted to show off your awesome graphic design skills, forget about it.

Less is more when it comes to getting out important messages. Focus first on what you must include in the newsletter and then build your design around that.

Clarity is key at Groupmail and we have a number of great templates you can download to create a stunning newsletter.

Here’s some of our pointers for sprucing up your newsletter design so your subscribers will keep coming back.


1. A-Head of the Game

Treat your newsletter like a newspaper, magazine or your website. A header is absolutely essential; you need to assert your branding and the header is the first place to start. Place it at the top of your newsletter and include the newsletter title, your company name, and your logo. Make sure your header and logo link back to your website’s homepage.


2. Speaking of logos…

Your company logo dictates the entire colour scheme of your branding so the same rule applies to your newsletter. Use its colours throughout your campaign in fonts, subheadings, borders, and clickable links. So, before you go selecting a rainbow of colours to use in your newsletter, remember that you already have a colour palette. Unless you’re designing a holiday-themed newsletter, stick to your colour.


3. View in Browser

Some email service providers might not download images by default, and sometimes newsletters can look different in other email accounts. So, you have a responsibility to give your subscribers other options for viewing your newsletter. Always include a ‘view in browser’ link at the top of your newsletter so subscribers can view it in a web browser.


4. Content is King

A good newsletter will have an even balance between images and text but don’t go too heavy on the text. Go big on images and light on the text. Choose strong high-quality —but low resolution— images that grab the reader’s attention. When it comes to writing, focus on your key message and lead with that. For further information, include ‘read more’ and ‘book tickets’ links to your website.


5. Consistency in fonts

You only need one font. Just one! Don’t even be tempted to use a different font for subheadings. If we haven’t mentioned it enough already; less is more. Using different fonts throughout your newsletter just looks untidy and it can make you and your company look scatter-brained and indecisive.


6. Don’t get off on the wrong foot

Your footer is just as important as the header. The footer is where subscribers can find your contact information and social profiles. It’s also where people can find that all important ‘unsubscribe’ button. Obviously, you don’t want to encourage your subscribers to leave you, but giving people the option to opt out of your emails is imperative. Seeing that the option is there builds trust between you and your subscribers.

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