Real Estate Agents around the world use GroupMail email newsletter and marketing software to keep their clients informed about the wonderful properties they have listed in their area.

At GroupMail, we understand how busy our realtor clients are each day. The last thing they have time to do is to sit down and design an HTML email template to use when notifying their local real estate mailing list about the properties they have on the market.

So, the GroupMail HTML email template design team took the time to create a series of practical and stylish Real Estate email marketing templates to make a Realtor’s job a little easier. GroupMail Real Estate email templates were tested across all major email providers to ensure that formatting is compatible in different email client environments.

Here are some examples of the stylish GroupMail email templates for Real Estate newsletter and marketing campaigns.

Real Estate Email Template for Marketing

Email Template for Real Estate Marketing

The GroupMail Real Estate templates can be modified like all other GroupMail email templates. You can replace images with your own, add your logo, and personalize them as desired.

Browse the Email Templates category of our site for more information about the growing HTML template library in GroupMail.

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