What is Insights?
Insights allows you to Track open and click through rates on your email campaigns.  As your opens and clicks come in, we record this information into neat and helpful reports.  With this you can find out how many of your recipients have opened your message and which recipients they were.  Also you can find out how many and which recipients click on a particular URL link you may have in your message. You can generate your reports as a PDF File or CSV File, which can be easily saved, printed or emailed.

How do I add Tracking to my Email Messages?
GroupMail now has a function that can automatically add the tracking to your message so all you do is simply send your message.  GroupMail will handle the rest by creating the campaign for you in your Insights account, add the open tracker to your message and track all URL links in that message.
This tutorial will show you how.

How does Insights Work?
Insights works by inserting a tiny, invisible 1×1 pixel image into the HTML of the email. When this image is loaded, an open is tracked on our servers. Links are also replaced by tracked link codes, which pass through our servers, record one click and then invisibly redirect to the original URL.

Can I Track a Scheduled Message?
Yes, you can Track a Scheduled Message. When you create your new Message, click on Send, then on the “Prepare to Send” window, Schedule the Message to send at a date and time in the future.

What does “Use Domain redirect” mean?
Using the redirect option means the tracked links in your Message will not contain any reference to Insights in your URL links and only contain your own website URL.
This requires downloading a redirect file and then uploading it to your domain website. You will then enter the path to the redirect file you uploaded on your server in Insights (i.e. //www.yourwebsite.com/r.php) Which type of redirect file you should download and upload (r.php, r.asp or r.aspx) depends on what kind of server you have.  Please check with your web administrator if you are unsure.

What is a Campaign?
When you send out an email with open tracking and links in it, we call this a campaign. Each campaign you have typically relates to one email sent out to a group of recipients, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. you could divide your recipients into groups, or you could put all your emails into one campaign.  Our tracking campaigns are also quite flexible. You could easily add links and open counters to a webpage rather than an email, or in conjunction with an email. Use Insights tracking however you like!

How do Credits work?
A credit is used up every time someone clicks on a tracked link, or loads an open tracking or goal tracking image. Credits do not relate to emails sent out. You can send out as many emails as you like! We simply don’t charge you when a link or email goes untracked.

What is Open Tracking?
Open tracking is finding out how many people open an email or webpage using our open tracking image. It works like this:
1. Create your campaign and copy the open tracker code Insights provides for you
2. Place the open tracker code in the email or on the web page you want to track
3. In GroupMail, you can merge in an email address to each link, making them unique
4. When the image is loaded, we count it as one open for the campaign relating to that open tracker

What is Link Tracking?
Link tracking allows you to attach tracking to a particular link. Again, link tracking can be used in emails or on webpages. It works like this:
1. In your campaign, create a new link. You can do this on the edit page, or in step 3 of the campaign creation process
2. Paste in the URL of the page you want to link to
3. Copy out the replacement URL which Insights provides for you, and place this in your email or page in place of your original link
4. When the link is clicked, Insights will count one click and send the clicker on to the original page URL you entered.

What is Goal Tracking?
Goal tracking is designed specifically to detect web-traffic coming from emails. Think of it like a visit counter which only counts people who have opened your email. Goal tracking is useful because it allows you to track visits to web pages which cannot be reached from a link. For instance, you can place a goal tracker on a purchase receipt page. This allows you to calculate sales directly resulting from an email campaign.

To use Goal Tracking:
1.Create an email with Open Tracking
2.[optional] Create a tracked link to somewhere on your website (This isn’t essential, but it does increase the accuracy of the goal tracking)
3.Place the Goal tracker on the page you wish to track (e.g: a credit card receipt page
4.When the image is loaded, we count it as one goal if an open has been counted for this user for this campaign.

What are Opens/Unique Opens?
An Open is recorded every time your email is opened.  A Unique Open is recorded only the first time each recipient opens your email.

Example: Suppose you send an email to 5 people, and each open it 3 times. This would record 15 Opens (5 people x 3 opens) but only 5 Unique Opens (5 people x 1 first open).

Clicks/Unique Clicks  explained:  A Click is recorded every time a tracked link is clicked.  A Unique Click is recorded only the first time each recipient clicks on a tracked link..

Example: Suppose you send an email to 5 people with 2 links in it. Each person clicks on both links 3 times. This would record 30 Clicks overall (5 people x 2 links x 3 clicks), but only 10 Unique Clicks (5 people x 2 links x 1 first click).

My Insights campaign doesn’t show Bounced emails?
To have Insights include the number of bounces in your tracking graph, you need to enter in the number of bounced messages that your recipients Mail Server returned to you.  As those bounced message are returned back to you directly by your Mail Server and your recipients Mail Servers, there is no way of tracking them automatically.

Insights Bounces

If you are using GroupMail to send your Email then you can make use of the Bounce Manager which will find any bounced messages that were returned to your inbox on your Mail Server, delete those bad Email addresses from your Groups and create a log file that will tell you how many bounced messages it found and processed.  You can then enter that number in the Bounces box in your Insights campaign.

This tutorial will show you how to manage bounces with GroupMail.

How much does Insights Tracking cost?
There are a number of packages available that you can choose from to meet your requirements. When you sign up to one of our Insights Packages, you get the first month absolutely Free !

How do I upgrade to a higher Insights Package?

When logged into your Insights Account, click on the heading “Plan” on the left side of your screen and choose the option “Upgrade”.  You can upgrade your Account by selecting one of the available options here.

What if I run out of credits?
Don’t worry, you can simply upgrade to a higher Insights package.

Can I Track ‘Forward to a Friend’ Messages?
Not by Email Address. When you send a Message with tracking, it will have your recipients Email Address merged into the tracked links and open tracker link.  That is how you know which of your recipients have opened your message or clicked on a link.  If that recipient then forwards your Message on, you won’t be able to find out what the Email address of that other person is.  The original recipients Email address is still in the tracked links in your message so an indication of your message being forward on is when you see the same Email Address in your tracking results but with a different IP address referenced.

Can I Track a Campaign via Twitter that contains an Image?
Yes!.  In Insights create your campaign and provide the original URL link to your image.  Insights will give you back a trackable short link to use such as //lnk.ie/JL0M  for example. Insights will actually append more information to the end of the link which is useful when used in Email, but you just need to add the lnk.ie part with the 4 character code like in the example above.

Can I automatically Track each Email I send?
Yes, if you are using a recent release of GroupMail then I would recommend you make use of the Automated Tracking features it provides. Once you enable this option,  GroupMail will automatically create the campaign for you in your Insights account, add the open tracker and track all the links in your message automatically without you having to do anything apart from send your message !.
This tutorial will show you how.

Can I Change my TimeZone?
To change your time zone, log in to your Insights account and click on “Settings”. Here, you can change the Time Zone from the default GMT time to your own time zone.

Do I need GroupMail to use Insights?
No,  you can use Insights outside of GroupMail.  You copy and paste your Tracking URL links from your Insights Campaign to the HTML part of whatever other Email program you are using.  !*EMAIL*! is the default merge field provided in the links so if the program you are using has the ability to use merge fields then change !*EMAIL*! to whatever that other program uses.

Can I print a Tracking Report?
Yes. You can choose to Export your Campaign to a PDF File or if you are using the Agency or Unlimited Insights package then you also have the option to export to CSV format which can be opened in Microsoft Excel or any other database type program of your choice that supports the CSV file format.

More Questions?
If you have any questions or need some help along the way, don’t hesitate to contact our technical support team.


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