What are the Delivery Options in GroupMail ?


GroupMail has four Delivery Options that you can choose from.

Standard Delivery

This sends the messages through your ISP’s or corporate SMTP Email Server  and it is typically the option we would recommend to most users. This is generally the more acceptable method of sending as many mail providers will require you to authenticate through a mail server before they will allow your mail to reach their customers.

  • Your ISP or Mail Provider may have a limit on the amount of email you can send. If this is the case, please contact them as they may add you to a “white list”, or upgrade you to a business account, so the remainder of your mail will be sent.
  • It is also advisable to inform your ISP if you are sending a large amount of Email, as this will reduce the chance your messages failing.
  • If your Mail Server Provider does not allow you send Bulk Emails, one suggestion is to sign up with a Bulk Email friendly service.
  • To configuring your GroupMail Sender Account using the Standard Delivery Option Click Here.

Direct Delivery

This sends the messages directly from your system to each of your recipients. This  option works well for users who already run their own mail server or have a Stataic IP address with a reverse DNS entry. For most dialup users we would not recommend this option.

  • With Direct Send, you will be able to send your mail direct to your recipients without the need for an SMTP mail server.  However as you may connect to the internet via your ISP, all internet traffic including your mail will be routed through them.
  • If you find that your mail is being blocked by your ISP or your recipients mail provider, then you can contact  them to request that your mail be let through. This way, your Email address or IP address if static, will be added to a “white list”. They may ask questions about the  content of your Email to satisfy their anti-spam policies.
  • Please be aware that a number of ISP’s and Mail Providers will not accept mail sent direct from your PC if  you have a dynamically assigned IP. This is a security method used by them to reduce the number of potential unsolicited emails reaching their customers.
  • For steps on configuring your GroupMail Sender Account using the Direct Delivery Option Click Here

Outlook Delivery

If you are using the Microsoft Outlook client for your email then by using this option  GroupMail will route all your email through Outlook. This is useful if you are using Microsoft Exchange with no SMTP support enabled. As Outlook only supports 1  connection for sending, you may find this option slower than the others.

  • The Outlook Delivery Option is only available in the GroupMail Business Edition and GroupMail Marketing Edition.

Pickup Delivery

This option is useful for those running GroupMail on a system which is running an  SMTP delivery service (like the one included with IIS or Quiksoft’s SMTP Express). GroupMail will deliver your Email to a folder on your PC and you will then configure your  SMTP software to “listen” for any mail that arrives within that folder. The SMTP software you choose to use will then send your Email to your recipients.

  • The Pickup Delivery Option is only available in the GroupMail Business Edition and GroupMail Marketing Edition.

If you have any questions, or need any help along the way, contact the GroupMail Support Team.

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