There is a learning curve with any new software.

GroupMail is no exception, even though we have made every effort to make it as intuitive and easy-to-use as possible.

Having easy access to software support resources is helpful.

8 ways to find help and support for GroupMail:

1. Sign up for a Getting Started with GroupMail Webinar with live Q&A
2. Take a few minutes to watch some GroupMail video tutorials
3. Read the Step-by-Step Guide to Email Setup and Delivery
4. Visit the GroupMail Support page and search for articles.
5. Contact the GroupMail Support Team whenever you need help.
6. Visit our Facebook page and like us
7. Follow us on Twitter
8. Remember, you are not alone. Here are some GroupMail FAQs

…oh, you can learn how to add email tracking to your newsletters here too.

Send more, faster, better with GroupMail mass mailing software

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