Card scanning technology is very useful when you want to collect contact information at a trade show or conference without having to carry around a stack of physical business cards. CardScan is one product that many people use to convert business cards to electronic form in order to make collecting and managing data easier.

You can easily export your CardScan contacts and import them into GroupMail.

Follow these steps to export your CardScan information (CardScan 6.0 or higher) into a csv file:

  1. Click File Menu -> [Data Exchange/’No, I want to export’/OK (v.6.0.4 or higher]) and select Export.
  2. Choose one of the options to indicate which cards you would like to export and click Next. You may get a warning that your cards have not been verified. If so, click Yes to continue.
  3. At the next page of the wizard, choose Other and click Next.
  4. Choose Create a new free-form template and click Next.
  5. When prompted, create a name for the template and click Next (example: GroupMail import).
  6. Choose the CardScan fields for the custom template and click Next.
  7. Click Next two more times (default selections are recommended).
  8. Click Skip Test in bottom-left corner.
  9. At the next page, choose a location for the file and click Next.
  10. Click Browse to choose a different location. Make a note of the file name and location.

Then, you can import that .csv file into GroupMail.

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