What do you mean by simultaneous Delivery Connections ?

Not all SMTP Servers are created equal or work the same. Some SMTP Servers allow you to send high volumes of messages at very fast rates. Other SMTP Servers limit the number of messages that you can send each hour or the rate at which you can send messages through them.

A good way to picture this is to imagine the Connections as tunnels that you are sending through.

If you had 1 tunnel to send your Email through. Your mail will send, but this method can be slow if you have a large number of Emails to send.
If you have 3 connections, then your mail can be sent through 3 different tunnels at the same time or simultaneously. This will be faster at sending than just having 1 connection to send through.

The GroupMail Personal Edition can send through up to 3 Connections.
The GroupMail Business Edition can send through up to 256 Connections.

In GroupMail, Tools, Account Manager under the Delivery Options Tab you can configure the number of Connections to send through.

GroupMail Connections

Therefore, the more connections you use, the faster your messages will send !.

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