HTML Email Templates For Newsletters

HTML email templates make it easy for people with no HTML design experience to create stylish email newsletters that will get the attention of email recipients and look good in most (if not all) email client environments.

HTML email templates for newsletters are actually quite different than those used for web design. Mostly because there are no HTML standards for email. Each email client renders HTML differently, using different sets of HTML standards.

In fact, Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express are still using MS Word as their HTML standard. Of course, they are the only email clients using MS Word as an HTML Standard.

HTML templates comic strip

The HTML email templates included in our group email and newsletter software were designed with email in mind (rather than websites) and tested against the majority of email clients (i.e. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, etc.) to ensure that they will look great in the variety of email environments your recipients will use.

  • The GroupMail Lite Edition includes 39 Free HTML email templates
  • The GroupMail Personal Edition has 108 HTML email templates
  • The GroupMail Business Edition has 142 HTML email templates

To create an email using one of GroupMail's HTML email templates, simply go into the HTML Templates section of the Messages area and select a template to use.

Example Templates

Here are a few examples of the HTML email templates available in GroupMail.

  • GroupMail HTML email template nature
  • GroupMail HTML email template Labor Day
  • GroupMail HTML email template Real Estate
  • GroupMail HTML email template Thanksgiving

Preparing a Template

When you click on an HTML template to use, a screen will appear for you to enter standard elements on the template. You can complete this information or just leave it blank and click "Continue" to launch the HTML template. You can always edit these elements from within the GroupMail WYSIWYG Message Editor Screen later.

HTML template wizard for Group Mail

There are a wide variety of HTML email templates to choose from, organized by themes. You can also create your own HTML templates using external HTML editors, such as Dreamweaver. You can easily import those HTML templates (File/Import/HTML Document) into GroupMail and save them (File/Save As/A Template) as user-generated templates.

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