Creating a “Do Not Email” suppression list in GroupMail is easy. You can exclude individual email addresses, import lists for exclusion and even exclude entire @domains from your newsletter campaigns.

How to Create a “Do Not Email” Suppression List in GroupMail

To create a “Do Not Email” suppression list in GroupMail, just open the GroupMail Exclusion List Manager.

GroupMail Exclusion List

You can add email addresses to your exclusion list manually by clicking the Add button.

Exclusion list management 2

When adding email addresses or @domains to the exclusion list, you can elect to have them excluded only from campaigns sent to a specific group(s) or from messages sent to All Groups.

exclusion list management 3

If you have an existing “Do Not Email” list saved, you can import the entire list quickly into GroupMail’s exclusion list by clicking Import.

Exclusion list management 4

You can import email addresses from a file or from Windows Clipboard (if you just want to copy a list of email addresses to add from another location.) Again, you can choose to exclude the list from a specific group or from All Groups. Click OK to start the import.

exclusion list management 5

You can remove email addresses from your “Do Not Email” suppression list at any time by highlighting the address(es) and clicking Remove.

exclusion list management 5

You can also export email addresses by highlighting the address(es) you want to export and clicking Export. Then, select the location on your computer where you want to save the file. If you want to export your entire “Do Not Import” suppression list from GroupMail, check the Export all Exclusion details box. Click OK

Exclusion list management 7

As always, if you have any questions or need any help along the way, contact the GroupMail support team.

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