This article explains how to create an email newsletter opt-in subscription form for your website and then adding those subscribers to your mailing lists in GroupMail.

There are two steps to add new email subscribers to GroupMail

Step 1:Create an opt-in email subscription form for your website
Step 2:Adding new email subscribers to your newsletter mailing lists in GroupMail.


Step 1. Create your email newsletter opt-in form and add it to your website


Login to the GroupMail Customers Area and click on the Opt-in Manager link under your license details or the Additional Downloads link as shown below.


Login to GroupMail customer area


Click on the Opt-In Manager option from the menu on the right.

Click on GroupMail Opt-in Manager

This will open the area to manage your opt-in forms.
(You can create numerous opt-in forms from this page)

To create your first opt-in form, click on the Create New Form button as shown below.

Create a new GroupMail Opt-in Form


You can now fill in your opt-in form details, i.e. the title of your form, the email address you want your subscribers details sent to etc.

Note, on this form you can edit the CSS to match the style of your website or blog. You can also change the text that appears on your form, the finish message and the email that is sent to your subscribers to confirm their subscription.

Email Format: If you check the email format option, it will ask your subscribers to choose html or text emails when signing up to your newsletter. (This should only be used if you plan to send text and html emails)

Surname Field: If you choose this option, you can decide to ask for the Firstname & Surname from each subscriber. This will allow you to personalize your newsletter to Firstname or Surname.

In this case, I have included the LastName field and left the rest as default settings. I have also added my opt-in form name and the email address I want my subscriber details sent to.

Select GroupMail Opt-in Form features


Once complete, click on the Save Button to continue.

Now you have created your Opt-in form. Here, you can edit, preview and delete your opt-in form.


Manage your GroupMail Opt-in Form


Any changes you make to the form in future, click Save and the changes will automatically appear on your website/blog.

Next you want to preview how your opt-in form looks, click on Preview.

This shows you how the Opt-in form will look on your website

Preview your GroupMail Opt-in Form


As you can see in this example, the opt-in form will include the Name, LastName and Email address of your subscriber.

Once you are happy with the opt-in form you can now copy the html code (beneath) to your website html and the opt-in form will then appear on your website.

(You may need to ask your website designer or IT person to help you with this).


Copy GroupMail Opt-in Form code to your website


Once the form is on your site, you are now ready to collect your subscriptions in GroupMail. Once your visitor signs-up for your newsletter they are sent a confirmation email to confirm their subscription. They then need to click a link to confirm they have signed up to your newsletter. (Double opt-in)

Double Opt-in validation Email

Once they confirm, you are then sent an email with your subscriber details. Example below:

GroupMail Opt-in Form subscription confirmation Email

Step 2. Add the opt-in subscriber data collected on your website to your newsletter mailing lists in GroupMail

Read how to add opt-in email subscribers to your GroupMail mailing lists

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