All mailing lists and databases are not created equal. Sometimes, mailing lists and databases contain content and formatting that doesn’t support your email newsletter, marketing or personalization efforts.

For example, your email list might contain name fields which combine first and last names, capitalization errors (i.e. ALL CAPS or incorrect location of capital letters) or date, time, number or currency formatting that does not support your content.

The GroupMail Tweaker Add-on was developed to help you to fix mailing list problems related to name field and capitalization formatting that doesn’t support your personalized email newsletter and marketing efforts.

If your mailing list contains name fields which combine first and last names, for example, Tweaker will make it easy to split first and last names into two distinct fields automatically, without having to manually edit each contact record.

You will find the GroupMail Tweaker icon alongside the other GroupMail web services and Add-ons such as Insights, Backup, Email Inspector and Autoresponder.

You can also access it by clicking on Tools/Add-ons/Tweaker

GroupMail Email List Management Tweaker Add-on

As always, if you need help, don’t hesitate to contact the GroupMail support team

Get GroupMail and fix your mailing list

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