How to manage your Opt-Out Requests using our GroupMail Subscriber Add-On.

After Sending out a Bulk Email which includes an Opt-Out Link you may receive back some Opt-Out Request Messages that our Subscriber Add-On can automatically manage for you.

To Configure your Subscriber Add-On, the first thing you need to do is create a Pop3 Account by clicking on Pop3 Email Account.

Subscriber Add-On

Click on New to Create a New POP3 Account.

Subscriber Add-On

This gives you two Options
– Auto Account Setup
– Manual Account Setup

You can follow these Steps to use the Auto Account Setup.

For the Manual Account Setup – select it and press Next.


GroupMail Opt-Out

Enter a description name for the POP Account.
Enter the POP3 Mail Server Name [Incoming mail server, just like in your Outlook].
Enter your Username andPassword required to access your POP3 Mail Server.
[Note: The User Name is the Email Address that the Opt-Out Requests are going to.]

Press Ok to Save.

Next we need to configure a Message Action and Message Rule so that Subscriber knows what to do with these Opt-Out Messages !

Subscriber Add-On

Click on New Action.

Subscriber Add-On

From the list of Actions select “Unsubscribe (Opt-Out), press Next.

GroupMail Opt-Out

Enter a description name for your Rule.
Next enter the Text that your Opt-Out Email Requests will have in their Subject Line.
In this Example I am using Unsubscribe Me
[Note : You may choose to use Remove or some other text]

This Rule Now shows as :

If the [subject line] of the incoming email [contains] the text: Unsubscribe Me

Press Next.

Subscriber Add-On


Select the Group(s) to unsubscribe from. You can select All Groups if you have more than one Group with opt-out requirements.

In this case, we`ll use the email address of the sender as provided in the From field of the  received message.

Select to Delete Recipient from Group(s)

You can also choose to Exclude the recipient from future mailings but still maintain their  details in your group and click Next

GroupMail Opt-Out

You can have the Subscriber Add-On send an Auto Response message each time a recipient opts-out.
Add these if you wish and click OK.
[Note : Auto Repsonses are Optional, you can leave this blank if you wish.]

That’s all there is to it !! Well done… Your Opt-out Rule is created.

If you are a GroupMail Business Edition User, you can Schedule Subscriber to process so that the work is automated.

If you have any questions, or need any help along the way, you can contact the GroupMail Support Team.



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