Can I Split my Recipients FullName Field into two fields, First Name and Last Name ?

Yes.. You can do this using the GroupMail Tweaker Add-On which allows you modify the Recipients Details.

To Launch Tweaker go to the Tools Menu, Add-Ons, Tweaker.


Another option to Launch Tweaker is to select it from the Toolbar along the top.

GroupMail Tweaker Add-On

Select the first option “Name Splitting“, Next.

GroupMail Tweaker Add-On

First you need to select your Group.
Under “Field” Select from the drop downlist the field that contains the recipients Full Name.

GroupMail Tweaker Add-On

Select the Destination Fields to store the First Name and Last Name.
Remember you are splitting the Full Name Field into a First Name Field and a Last Name Field.

GroupMail Tweaker Add-On

You should enable the option.
“Overwrite contents of the Destination Field when it contains data”.
Then press “Start“.

GroupMail Tweaker Add-On

When the process is finished, you can:-

  1. Click on the link Click here to view the Log File,
  2. Click on the link New Task or the button Previous to start over again, and/or
  3. Click Close to close down the Tweaker

If you have any questions, or need any help along the way, you can contact the GroupMail Support Team.

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