“…How can I restore a GroupMail backup?..”


In a different article, we explain how to backup contacts in GroupMail.

To restore a GroupMail backup, the first thing you want to do is to close GroupMail (you can’t restore a backup if GroupMail is open.)

Then, in Windows, go to the Start, All Programs, GroupMail 5, Add-Ons and choose Backup & Restore.

GroupMail Restore

When the GroupMail Backup & Restore screen appears, select the Restore option and press Next.

GroupMail Restore

Then, press the Select button to browse to the location of the Backup file.  If you have a number backups listed, select the backup that you want to restore and press Next.

Each backup will list the date and time that backup was created.

GroupMail Restore

Finally, select the Items that you want to restore. In the example below, we  selected to restore :

— Local Groups & Exclusion List
— Message Drafts & Templates
— Sent & Scheduled Items

Please note that if any fields on this screen are greyed out, this indicates that these options were not included in the original backup [i.e. the User did not choose to backup these items].

To proceed with the Restore simply click on the Restore Button.

GroupMail Restore

Press Yes to confirm you wish to restore the backup.  Once you do this, all existing data in GroupMail will be replaced with the data from the backup file.

GroupMail Restore

When the backup is successfully restored, the progress screen will show Restore Successful. You can then start GroupMail from that final screen or close the Backup & Restore Add-on.

GroupMail Restore


You have now successfully restored your GroupMail backup and ready to pick up where you left off.

If you have any questions or need some help along the way, do not hesitate to email our technical support team


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