Can I Schedule the Subscriber Add-On to Process ?

Yes ! you certainly can…

Providing you have Configured your GroupMail Subscriber Add-On to Process your Opt-Out Requests and Bounce Back Undeliverable Messages.
You can Schedule the Subscriber Add-On to run at regular intervals automatically.

Go to GroupMail, Scheduler.

Schedule Subscriber

Select “Schedule New Event“.

GroupMail Schedule Subscriber

Select “Process Email Accounts” and press Next.

GroupMail Schedule Subscriber

Choose the Account to Process.

Note: If you have more than one Account configured in Subscriber, then you can select “Process All Accounts“. Next.

Schedule Subscriber

You can now select the Date, Time and Frequency you wish this Process to Run.
Once you have selected these details press Ok.

Schedule Subscriber

You Scheduled Event has now been created.
If you wish to Modify this Event. Click on “Modify Schedule
Likewise you can remove this Event, by clicking on “Delete“.

From now on… you never need to worry about manually removing recipients !
The Subscriber Add-On will take care of all your Opt-Out and Bounce Back Messages automatically !.

Scheduling is only available in the GroupMail Business Edition which you can Upgrade to if you are a GroupMail Personal Edition User.

If you have any questions, or need any help along the way, you can contact the GroupMail Support Team.

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