The Subscriber Add-On can now automatically detect your POP3 Mail Server settings based on your Email Address and Password.

To Launch Subscriber :

Launch Subscriber

From GroupMail, Tools Menu, Add-Ons select Subscriber.

Launch Subscriber

To create a New POP3 Mail Account in Subscriber, Click on New.


Subscriber - Auto Account Setup

This gives you two Options :

    • Auto Account Setup
    • Manual Account Setup – Enter your own server details


Select “Auto Account Setup

Username : Enter your POP3 Email Address here.

Password : Enter the password for this Email Account here.

Click Next.

Subscriber - Auto Account Setup

Based on the Email Address and Password the Subscriber Add-On will now try to automatically detect the POP3 Mail Server details for you.

  • First, it will search for the POP3 Server Name, Port Number and Authentication details based on the email address you entered.
  • Then, when it has located these details it will Connect to Server to confirm that the settings are working.


Once the server details have returned and show a successful connection, click on the Next button.

Subscriber - Auto Account Setup

Enter a descriptive Name for this Account.

If you want Subscriber to “Delete Processed Messages from the Mail Server“, check on this Option.

You can also enable the Option to “Check for Bounces Messages while processing this Account” and “Delete Bounced Messages“.

Click on Finish to complete the Auto Account Setup.

Subscriber - Auto Account Setup

Your New POP3 Mail Account is now setup.

Next you are ready to add your Message Rules

If you are a GroupMail Business Edition User, you can Schedule Subscriber to automatically process your POP3 account

Note for IE8 Users Only :  Unless you have another Email Client Configured such as Outlook etc with your POP3 Mail Server settings. The Auto Configuration will fail to pick up these details automatically and you will need to manually configure the POP3 Account in Subscriber.

Note for IMAP Users Only :  Our Subscriber Add-On uses POP3 Settings only. Therefore, the Auto Configuration within the Subscriber will only pick up the POP3 settings.

If you have any questions, or need any help along the way, you can contact the GroupMail Support Team.

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