Q: What is Insights Subscribers ?

A: Insights is GroupMails Online Subscription Service for managing Opt-In and Opt-Outs Requests.

On the GroupMail Home screen click on “Services

Surca Services2


Check on the option “Enable Online Subscription Service“.

Subscription Services Opt Out1

There are some requirements in order to use the Subscription Services.
*  You must have a Insights Account.
*  You must enable your GroupMail Group to support the Subscription Service.

When creating a New Local GroupMail Group.

Subscription Services Opt Out2

Check on the option “Use Subscription Service for this Group”

Note : If this is an existing Group you can simply right click on it and choose Modify to enable this option.
This option is only available for “Local Groups“.

Click on “Modify” and select the “Unsubscribers” Tab.

Subscription Services 2

You can choose to “Delete from this Group” or
Select “All local GroupMail Groups” if you have more than one Local Group.

Alternatively, you can also choose to Exclude the recipient from future mailings but still maintain their details in your Group.

Adding an Opt-Out Link to your Message :

On the Message Editor, click on the icon “Services”.

GroupMail Message Editor

Subscription Services Opt Out 4

Enable “Use Subscription Service for this Group” if not already enabled.

Enter your Unsubscribe Link Text, in this example I am using the text
Click Here
(You can specify whatever text you wish here.)

Then press Insert this will insert the text into the Message Body.

Message Opt-Out Link

Once your message is complete, send to the Group.

For a recipient that wishes to Opt-Out, they can click on this Opt-Out Link

Message Opt-Out Link2

This brings them to the following screen.

Surca Opt-Out Confirmation

They simply need to confirm their request to unsubscribe.

They will then see a Confirmation screen like this.

SURCA Confirmation


Finally, launch the Subscriber Add-On in GroupMail (Tools, Add-Ons Menu).
Click on “New Account” and choose Manual Account Setup.

Surca and Subscriber Config

Populate with your Mail Server details.

Now when the Subscriber Add-On is processed and Unsubscribe Requests will be processed automatically.

If you are a GroupMail Business Edition User, you can Schedule Subscriber to process so that the work is automated.

If you have any questions, or need any help along the way, you can contact the GroupMail Support Team.

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