What's Included?

New GroupMail 6 is Here

Fresh New Design

Leaner, Fresher, Clearer

GroupMail 6 may look different, but everything you are used to seeing in GroupMail is still there, it’s just leaner, less cluttered and easier to find. The first thing you’ll see when you open GroupMail is a brand new look. Everything you love but cleaner, fresher and more intuitive – it’s also designed to help you focus on what’s important, with a clear view of messages, groups and tracking.

Email groups - the easy way

GroupMail 6 is better, faster, clearer, easier, and smarter. The main navigation menu is redesigned to highlight the important features such as Messages, Groups, Scheduling, Tracking and more.

Email HTML Editor

The editor again highlights the important elements such as spam check, merge fields and the new Microsoft OneDrive Support. There is now also a direct link to customer support directly within the GroupMail Editor, so you can get the support you require, when you need.

Email groups view

The groups view focuses on the main tasks associated with working within your groups such as adding contacts, modifying, search, import and more.

Enhanced Reporting

Track your results

GroupMail 6 provides automated and integrated email tracking with Insights. Beautiful real-time reporting to track who opened your email and when, revenue generated, conversions, email client used to view your message, operating system your readers are using and much more. First Month is Free.

Email Reporting

Email Reporting with Insights is now seamlessly available within the sent message screen, so you can quickly view the reports of each message from within GroupMail.

Insights reporting

All the real-time data and interactive graphs you need to improve your campaigns. Track opens, clicks, country, email clients, browsers, operating systems and more.

Email HTML Editor

The new “Tracking” switch in the GroupMail Editor allows you to instantly switch Insights tracking on or off in each individual message, so you never forget to track that important message.

Cloud Sync

Microsoft OneDrive Support

GroupMail now integrates with Microsoft’s cloud storage solution OneDrive. OneDrive is simply an online space that you can use to store your data. Integration with GroupMail allows you to store, sync and access your GroupMail Messages and Groups at other locations and on other devices, you can also instantly share your data with other users. Learn more about OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud based storage solution. OneDrive is in-built with Windows 8/8.1 (and is available to download for Windows 7). Used with GroupMail, this allows you to store messages and groups and access from other locations and other devices.

OneDrive Message Editor

The New OneDrive integration within the GroupMail message editor allows you to instantly save your message to OneDrive, you can then access this message from your Home PC or laptop when and where you need.

Collaboration with OneDrive and GroupMail

Store both your Groups and Messages within OneDrive storage and access anywhere. This also allows you to simply share your files with others. Collaborate on your newsletter and share your lists in an instant with GroupMail 6.

More Improvements

Improved Performance

Not only have we added some new features and changed the look and feel of the software to highlight the important tools within GroupMail, but we’re also making further changes to help improve the overall experience of working with GroupMail and the company. We’ve improved the reliability and speed of sending emails with GroupMail and we’ve also made changes to our upgrade protection and customer support to help you get the most from the software.

Improved Performance

If you send large amount of emails, very large email messages or you just want to improve the performance of GroupMail, then GroupMail 6 will help. We’ve improved the overall reliability, performance and responsiveness within GroupMail 6.

Customer Support

You can now directly access customer support from within the GroupMail message editor. As well as email, you can contact us directly on our website via online chat, phone and our weekly webinars. We’ll be also working hard to improve our support documentation and video tutorials over the coming months. Contact Details

Upgrade Protection

We receive a lot of requests from customers about missing their upgrade protection renewal date, and therefore are unable to avail of the 50% in-cover discount. We’ve now made this easier. If you purchase GroupMail Upgrade Protection while in-cover (only in-cover), this purchase will auto-renew each year until you decide to cancel your subscription. (Remember you can cancel this subscription at anytime). Therefore, you never miss the latest GroupMail releases and the in-cover 50% discount. Remember if your upgrade protection is in-cover now, you can download GroupMail 6 for free. Login and Purchase Upgrade Protection


What’s Next?

GroupMail 6 is a template for the future of GroupMail. We will continue with regular releases of GroupMail 6 to make it even better, faster and easier to use. We’ll also be releasing a brand new Subscriber add-on that will make it even easier to manage bounce messages, subscribes, unsubscribes and more. Keep an eye out for our regular newsletter for updates and further information.

Each person on your list receives a personal email, to them from you. No impersonal Bcc: field or delivery to “undisclosed-recipients”. Recipient privacy guaranteed.

Autoresponder to send welcome emails, reminders and more.

Display your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ profiles in your email.

Target specific segments of your list with powerful GroupMail filters.

Personalize the subject line, body, links and even attachments of emails for each recipient.

Schedule messages to send even when you’re not there.

Check your message for Spam related content before sending.

Share groups with multiple users.

Import email lists quickly from practically any data source (Excel, Gmail, Outlook, ACT, .csv, .txt…)

Integrates into the Microsoft Outlook Toolbar.

Stagger email delivery by number of recipients or time to keep in line with your mail server requirements.

Create any number of sender identities and recipient groups.

Send your messages in practically any language and with any encoding.

Direct Sending – no need to use your ISPs SMTP mail server.

Automatically remove bounces and unsubscribe requests from your lists.