Infacta was founded back in 1996 by Jonathan Hill with the release of the very first version of Groupmail. Since then we’ve worked on many new projects including Insights, GroupSurveys, Polldaddy, Delivery Hog, Miximo, Groupmail Forms, Hoolie, 51Monkeys, Sive & Groupmail Touch. We love working on new technologies and a lot of our time is spent on research and development, this is our passion.

20 years on and we’re pretty proud of the work we’ve done, we’ve enjoyed helping our customers solve their problems, and we’ve loved working (and continue to work) with some great people along the way.

However, because we’ve worked on so many products over the years, we’ve become a bit scattered, spread a little thin. We’re a small company and we continue to enjoy being a small company. However, we’ve also got big ambitions.

With that in mind, last year we conducted a thorough review of our products, customer base, passions, successes, failures, and our vision for the company. When we started to discuss this in detail, everything pointed in one direction.

Groupmail is our best idea and our biggest success. Over 2 million people, businesses and organisations have used Groupmail, and just last month another 6,224 people started working with Groupmail.

So, the first major decision we made is that we are to entirely focus on what we are good at, and that is Groupmail. In particular, continue to help our customers manage, communicate, engage and connect with their contacts – this will be our sole focus. The entire company will revolve around this idea. Our whole team – from development, to design, to customer service – will be focused on one thing and we will continue to learn, push, improve and expand our knowledge in this area.

In addition, while Infacta is well known locally, far more people around the world (160+ countries) actually know us for Groupmail. And since we’re going to be completely focused on Groupmail moving forward, why don’t we just go all in on Groupmail?

So, the second big decision we made is that we changed our name. Infacta Ltd is now Groupmail Ltd. From now on, we are Groupmail – Groupmail the company and Groupmail the product.

With this change, we renew our commitment to all things Groupmail, be it on Windows, Mac, Private Cloud or Web. Each of us will be dedicated to improving Groupmail and continue to ensure we listen to our customers and treat each person how we would like to be treated.

And we’ll remember what made Groupmail so popular in the first place: It just works. It solves a problem of communicating with your contacts and keeping your data secure. We will refocus on making it simple, secure, easy to use, easy to understand, make it clear, reliable, dependable and available when you need. We’ll continue to make it all of those things.

The last 20 years have just been fantastic, and I would like to sincerely thank every single customer and everyone that has worked here to make this possible. The coming years we hope will be even better and we’ve already got loads of new Groupmail stuff in the pipeline (Mercury, Juno and Groupmail X, which we will begin discussing further over the coming weeks and months).

If you’re not a Groupmail customer yet, give us a try. We’d love to work with you. If you already are, we sincerely thank you for your business.

Thank you from all of us at Groupmail.

Rob Martin
CEO Groupmail

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