Okay — our own GroupMail developers, designers, database engineers, sales and support teams truly believe that we offer the best group email marketing and newsletter software for small business on the market. We work hard every single day to make it better with each update.


We also understand that when you are involved so closely with a product, service or project, there is a tendency to become biased by your personal investment in it. So we are always happy when our internal applause for GroupMail software is echoed by independent critics in external reviews.

Cyber News and Reviews recently reviewed group email software for small business and, in particular, our very own GroupMail group email software for small business.

We were so pleased to hear that Howard Berenbon thinks we’re doing a good job with GroupMail.

“…If you’re looking for quality and versatile group email software for personal or business use, then you’ve come to the right place. GroupMail from Infacta is an excellent group email program for anyone who manages a list of names and email addresses for business or personal use.

If you have a small list, say, 100 people or less, then their free version will work for you. If your list exceeds 100, then you’ll want their personal or business edition (starting at $99.95) which allows any size group or list.

Their business edition costs a little more, but makes up the difference with increased delivery speeds (up to 256 connections) and business based features you won’t want to live without…”

Group Email Software for Small Business Review, by Howard Berenbon

It is always helpful to hear feedback and reviews of your products and services, even when they aren’t necessarily as nice as you might want them to be. Knowing what others think about our group email software is the only way that we can move forward and continually improve GroupMail.

Interested? Download our GroupMail group email software for small business and send us your own review!

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