Benefits of using our Priority Support Service

  • With Priority Support you will receive a special email address to send your request.
  • It will be responded to first, so you don’t need to wait your turn.
  • Our Technical Support Person will work with you until your issue is completely solved.
  • We also provide remote access support if/when required via logmein.
  • Our Technical Support Person can demonstrate how a particular feature works if required.
  • Call-back phone service if & when needed.
  • Unlimited number of Technical Support Requests.

While our GroupMail Technical Support team do a great job every day in responding to all support requests. On certain days there may be hundreds of Technical Support requests in the queue and it takes time to work through them all. Priority Support puts your support request at the “top” of the list and answered first, so there is no waiting.

Its important to point out, this is a completely optional service for GroupMail customers who wish to have their support request expedited. We will continue to provide our usual level of service to all other GroupMail customers.

GroupMail Priority Support costs just $99.95 per year for all Editions of GroupMail.

To purchase GroupMail Priority Support Click Here

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