Name: Patricia Cooper
Country: Ireland
Industry: Hospitality & Tourism

Markree Castle Hotel

We talk to Patricia Cooper at Markree Castle Hotel about how they use GroupMail for their email marketing needs. Markree Castle has been in the Cooper name for 370 years (Yes, you read that right) and is a stunning castle hotel situated in Sligo, Ireland. If you’re looking to visit and stay in an authentic castle with the warmest welcome, then this is the place for you.

Tell us a little about Markree Castle Hotel?
Markree Castle Hotel is a traditional family owned castle hotel & restaurant. Our motto is “casual, castle, comfort” which about sums it up.

How did you start into Email Marketing?
Having monitored our client base and customer referrals quite closely, we noted a definite trend away from word of mouth and traditional advertising methods. As such we implemented a cohesive online marketing and branding strategy, a huge part of which is email marketing.

Why did you choose GroupMail?
It was recommended to me by an associate as a powerful email marketing tool with no long-term cost commitment.

What kind of emails do you send with GroupMail?
We have a regular newsletter which goes out to clients who have signed up online or when checking out of the hotel. I also use it to send press releases and other more specific personalised emails to various contacts.

Markree Castle Lounge

How many emails do you send/frequency?
I would send a newsletter to our growing list of subscribers every three weeks or so. I would usually send about 350 at a time. I have other very specific groups of contacts, ranging from 10-30 recipients who I would email much less frequently.

Do you track your messages with Insights?
I use it for any links that are directed to our own site. It helps gauge what people are really interested in hearing about.

How do has GroupMail/Email Marketing improved Your Business?
Aside from noticing a surge in online bookings in the 48 hours after newsletters have been sent out, it has really allowed develop our brand image, setting ourselves apart from our competition by actively engaging subscribers in all aspects of the Markree experience.

Any tips you can offer to others on writing newsletters?
I find that there is a much higher click though rate when I use something that looks like a web address as a link. For example, “visit for more information” works much better than “click here for more information”.

What do you most like about GroupMail or the Company?
I love that I can send emails to a whole group while still making look as though it’s a personal message from my own email address. I also like the fact that, because I’m not paying per email, I don’t have to think twice before sending another message to a group or using GroupMail for non-marketing related messages.

Would you recommend GroupMail to others?
I do all the time

Anything you’d like to add?
Customer support is always really good; personalised and helpful.

A big thank you to Patricia for taking the time to share her experience with using GroupMail. Remember to check the castle out at //

Markree Side View



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