Marketing by email can be an effective way for small businesses to reach a large number of new and existing customers with very little effort.

Perhaps you’re a nursery that needs to send out a monthly newsletter to parents, an online clothing business that’s offering a 10% discount to its customers, or a community group that wants to keep members up-to-date with its news and activities. The ideal way to manage such email marketing campaigns is with user-friendly bulk email software, and GroupMail’s Free Edition is perfect for the business looking at sending e-mails to smaller lists – with no cost involved.

Absolutely non-technical.

Putting together your first mass email campaign may initially appear daunting, but GroupMail’s free bulk email solution makes the process incredibly easy, and you can be up and running in literally just a few minutes. The software allows you to send emails up to 100 people, and you can quickly and easily import your existing contacts from a variety of different data sources, such as a .csv or .txt files.

No website or HTML design skills? No problem: GroupMail’s Free Edition includes 28 stylish templates that will do all the hard work for you, while also letting you create an unlimited number of sender identities and recipient groups as required.

More features?

The software also allows you to personalise the subject line, body and links. Most importantly there’s no Bcc field, so each recipient will receive a personal email from you, meaning that their privacy is guaranteed. The result? Privacy, security and that all-important professionalism.

Other features of GroupMail’s mass e-mail solution include an autoresponder function to send welcome emails and reminders, a scheduling tool to enable you to send emails even when you’re not there, and the software can even automatically remove bounces and unsubscribe requests from your list.

How secure will your data be?

Privacy and security are paramount, and many businesses are reluctant to share their contacts data with another company. With GroupMail there’s no need to lose sleep over such matters, as all email list and message data is stored safely and securely on your own machine.

As your business hopefully grows, you may reach the point of growing out of the free solution and looking at upgrading to the Personal, Business or Marketing Pack. Not only does GroupMail make this process quick and simple, but it even offers a 20% discount. You can also upgrade from one edition to another at any time and just pay the difference in price.

Looking for more actionable data? You might wish to consider our Insights email tracking account which allows you to Track Open Rates, Click Throughs and much more.

The best way to see how easy GroupMail is to use is to try our free trial for yourself – no registration required.

Start reaching out to your customers today.

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