Sending group email in outlook is simple with GroupMail’s Free Group Email Software.

Microsoft Outlook and Group Email

Microsoft’s own email client Outlook, provides you with the ability to create a contact Group (Outlook 2010) or distribution list within your address book.

This allows you to send a group email in Outlook to a contact group, which goes to all recipients within the group. You can find out more on Microsoft’s own site: Create and edit a Contact Group.

Group Email in Outlook

Powerful Features

However, if you need more sophisticated features such as the ability to segment your list and target specific contacts, schedule a series of emails to your group, or send personalised individual emails to the group, then GroupMail is just what you need.

GroupMail Business Edition customers can link a GroupMail group to an Outlook Address Book, any changes made to your Outlook contacts will then be automatically updated in GroupMail.

Then, as with any GroupMail group, you can send a personalised group email, fast, easy and privately to your Outlook group.

GroupMail Outlook Toolbar


group email in outlook
Group Email in Outlook

In addition, the GroupMail Outlook Toolbar allows you to add and delete recipients from your GroupMail groups from Outlook. It also allows you to launch GroupMail, create a new GroupMail Message and forward emails that you receive in Outlook to your GroupMail groups.

Want to try it out: Download GroupMail for Free.

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