Customers often ask us for Tips to Improve Sending Speeds.

There are many factors which will impact your sending speed.

Here are some useful Tips to increase Sending Speeds :

  • Message Size :

Using Remote Images will reduce your message size.
Upload File Attachments to a public website and add a Link to them instead.
The general rule is, the smaller your message the faster it will send !

  • Connections :

The more Delivery Connections that you have open, the faster GroupMail will send.
Remember the GroupMail Business Edition supports 256 Connections.

  • Bulk Send Mode :

One way to send email faster it to use Bulk Sending instead of Personalized Sending

  • Anti-Virus Software :

Ensure your Anti-Virus Software is disabled from scanning outgoing messages.

Other factors which you have less control over are :
The Responsiveness of the SMTP Server you are sending through.
Your Internet Connection Speed.

If you have any questions or need help along the way, please contact our technical support team.



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