“…Can I apply filters so my email is sent only to recipients from a certain city or industry?..”

Yes! GroupMail makes it easy to target a group email campaign to specific subsets of your mailing list by allowing you to apply filters based on the database fields in your mailing list.

How to Apply Filters to Target Group Email Campaigns

After composing  your message created, press Send.

On the Prepare to Send window click Set Filters in the Options section of the screen.  Here, you can create a number of filter criteria for the message.

Adding a Filter in GroupMail

In the example above, we set filters so that our message will only be sent to those recipients in your mailing list group who:

  • have @yahoo.com email addresses, and
  • live in Boston, and
  • have a zip code of 98346, and
  • joined the email list after April 12th 2012.

You can do the reverse as well, and “Exclude Where” recipients meet the filter criteria that you specify.

GroupMail will do the rest and send a targeted email campaign to only that portion of your email list who meet the criteria you specify within the Filter Options.

If you have any questions or need some help along the way, don’t hesitate to contact our technical support team.

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