Some GroupMail customers have a need for speed.

Sending mass email to large lists of recipients takes time, especially when you’re dealing with standard send modes. One way to send email faster it to use Bulk Sending instead of Personlized Sending. I asked Honor from GroupMail support a few questions about how to send email faster with bulk sending in GroupMail.

Tom: Hi Honor. I’ve had a few calls recently from customers looking to turbo-charge their email delivery with GroupMail. I’ve read about Bulk Sending, but I’m not really sure about how it differs from Personalized Sending. Can you explain?

Honor: Bulk Sending or BCC’ing only ever sends one message to your SMTP server and then it sends the list of addresses to distribute the message to. For this example lets enter 10 recipients per message. This basically means that for every 1 message sent from GroupMail it will go to 10 recipients. The default is 10 recipients per message and 100 is the maximum number of recipients per message.With Personalized Send Mode, GroupMail sends an individual message for each recipient in your Group. These messages can be personalized using the Merge Fields, for example ‘Dear First Name’ etc.. which is not available with the Bulk Send Mode.

Tom: What are the benefits of sending with bulk send mode?

Honor: The biggest advantage of using Bulk Send mode is that it simply lets you send email much faster. Using the example above, 10 messages are relayed by my mail server for every 1 message that I send. Although this results in less personalized messages, as everyone sees the same text, it definitely speeds up email sending. The main benefit here is speed.

The other advantage is that if your ISP limits the number of messages you can send per day, then using the Bulk Send Mode can help here, for example if they limit you to 100 messages and you send 100 messages using the Bulk Send Mode with 10 recipients per message this is in fact 1,000 messages you are actually sending.

Tom: Are there any downsides?

Honor: Yes, you can’t personalize the message in any way using the Merge Fields.You can only use this sending mode when using the Standard Delivery Option, it is not supported in any of the other delivery options, such as Direct Send Mode. Also,some mail servers tend to treat bulk sent messages as spam and may filter them or place them in a junk folder.

Tom: How do I use Bulk Send Mode if I want to test it out?

Honor: To use Bulk Send Mode in GroupMail, prepare your message for delivery as usual and click “Send” when ready. Then, on the “Prepare to Send” screen click the button marked […] beside the ‘Address To’ Field. Then from the Address Type you can select either “Personalized” or “Bulk” here. Select “Bulk”, then enter the Number of Recipients per message and the text that you want to appear in the To Field. Its a good idea to check that your ISP will allow this sending mode also.

Tom: Thanks Honor. It’s certainly worth testing out.

Honor: I hope it helps. If you need anything else just let me know, thanks.

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