“I have a mailing list that has all French customers. Can I send my email newsletter in French to that mailing list? I tried to send a message written in French to my test group, but the French accents and special characters did not display correctly when received.”

There are two simple things that you must do to successfully send email newsletters from GroupMail in French or any other foreign language that uses accents or special characters.

1. First, you must configure the Regional and Language Settings on your PC to correlate with the language you wish to use; then

2. you must select the Message Encoding and Character Set in GroupMail appropriate for the language you want to use.

This article will show you how to configure the Regional and Language Settings in Windows 7 (English Version) and the Message Encoding and Language Character Set in GroupMail.

How to configure the Regional and Language Settings on Windows 7

1. Open the Region and Language option from the Windows 7 Control Panel

2. Click on the Administrative tab

3. Click on the Change System Locale button

GroupMail Messages with Accents

4. Now, select the Language (system locale) you want to use when creating your email newsletter messages inGroupMail. For our example, we are going to select French. However, you could select any of the available Languages listed in the drop-down box.

GroupMail Messages with Accents

5. Press OK, to Save.

6. Now you MUST Restart your PC for these settings to take effect.


How to configure the Message Encoding and Language Character Set in GroupMail

1. Open GroupMail and from the top menu bar, click on Tools -> Message Related Options.

2. Change the Message Encoding to “Base 64” and the Character Set to “Western European /  Americas (Windows)”. Keep the rest of the settings the same as the default values.

3. Click OK to save these changes.


4. Now, you are ready to start composing your email newsletter message for your French mailing list.


5. Now when you send a French message from GroupMail, all of the lovely French accents and special characters will be displayed correctly when received by the recipients on your French mailing list.

GroupMail Messages with Accents


Et voilà!

If you have any questions, or need any help along the way, contact the GroupMail Support Team.

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