This tutorial will show you how to configure the settings in Windows 7 (English Version) to send Japanese email messages from GroupMail Email Newsletter Software.

Step 1

Open the Region and Language option from the Windows 7 Control Panel.  Click on the Keyboards and Languages tab and click the button for Install/uninstall languages, like in the screen shot below:

Install Windows Language pack

Choose to Install a Display Language and from the Windows update option, install the Japanese Language pack if not already installed.

Install Language pack 2

Step 2

Click on the Administrative tab and then click the Change system locale button.

Change System Locale

Select Japanese as the Language for non-Unicode programs from the drop down list.  You will need to restart your PC after making those changes.

See the screen shot below:

Japanese for non-Unicode programs

Step 3

In GroupMail, you just need to set Japanese as the character set and select a usable font.

To set this option, open GroupMail and click on Tools from the top menu and then Message Related Options.  In the General tab, choose Japanese (JIS) from the Character set drop down list.  For the font, Microsoft recommends the use of “MS UI Gothic” as it provides support for the Japanese characters.

See the screen shot below:


Below, we can see some Japanese characters in the GroupMail Message Editor that I entered after selecting the above settings. (Please forgive me, if I just said something offensive, as I just copied and pasted some text from a Japanese website).


This is how the content looks when viewing the HTML source of your message from the GroupMail Message Editor.

GroupMail HTML Message Editor

This is how the message looks when read in Microsoft Outlook 2010.

Japanese message in Outlook


That’s all there is to it!

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