Sending mass emails to a large group of recipients takes time but GroupMail software allows you to send mass emails for different purposes with ease.


When sending mass email, it’s important to remember some key points so that you don’t risk coming across as spammy.

Whether you are sending a company announcement to your team of staff, a press release to journalists, or a sales push to your subscribers, here are five tips for successfully sending mass emails.

Keep it private

This should be your top priority when sending mass emails. Respecting your recipients’ privacy is a tale as old as time but in a GDPR world, it matters more than ever. No matter how innocent it is, forgetting to BCC can not only be an incredibly costly mistake for your business and reputation, it can put you in breach of GDPR laws. Entering your contacts should be the last thing you do when setting up an email, and a step you need to commit time to avoid any blunders.

Opt-in is a must

Sending unsolicited emails is spam so everyone on your mass emailing list absolutely must be opted in to receive your emails. Since GDPR came into effect in May, by now your list will properly cleaned up. But monitoring new subscribers and new unsubscribes is something you need to continue to keep an eye on. Managing your list can be made easier with GroupMail as it has automatic unsubscribe, opt-out, and bounce processing.

It’s personal

The language you use in mass emails can impact on your recipients’ decision on whether or not to mark you as spam. A subscriber who has opted in is unlikely to flag any of your emails as spam but poorly written content in mass emails can cost you even the most loyal subscriber. To prevent this, a good place to start is by personalising emails for each individual recipient. GroupMail’s mail merge feature allows you to send one mass email to your list in one shot but personalised for each subscriber.

Write it now, send it later

Perhaps you have an urgent company notice to send to your co-workers, but the announcement is time-sensitive, and you will be away at a conference when you need to share that information. Or perhaps you need send out a sales push while you are on holidays. With the GroupMail Business Edition and Marketing Pack, you can schedule emails any time in the future. So, you can focus on writing your email content when you have the time, and then send it during a time where you may be busier.

Timing is key

Scheduling your email be delivered to individual subscribers’ time zones is another great way to make mass emails more personalised. This is incredibly useful if your business has offices in different countries and you want everyone who works for your company to receive a specific email at 10am.

We’re here to help
Whether you are new or familiar to sending mass emails, these five tips should help you next time you send a mass email for whatever purpose. And if you would like more tips, check out our tutorials, or get in touch with our technical support team.

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