This release includes a great new feature – GroupMail will now automatically store the date someone is added to your group, which is very important for maintaining and segmenting your contact list.

In this new release, the date field becomes a required field just as email is currently. When a contact is added to your group either manually, from subscriber, file import, or address book import, the date field is updated with the date the contact was added.

For existing users, GroupMail will try and update any existing groups automatically and our “Tweaker” add-on allows you to make this change manually. If you do not already have an “AddDate” field in your existing group, there will be no change. (If you require this feature in this instance, you will need to create a new group, add the date field and copy in your contacts from the older group).

As always, if you have an older version of GroupMail and want to upgrade to the latest version, you just need to renew the Upgrade Protection on your existing license. This will give you access to download the latest version and any new updates released during the next 12 months.

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