Email Marketing Reports

Release Notes: v5.3.0.133 February 26th, 2013

New: Insights tracking reports can now be launched directly within GroupMail.
New: Support for automatic Plain-text URL tracking within GroupMail.
(This new feature intelligently parses your plain text message, looking for suitable links to track without including message content that isn’t part of a valid url or hyperlink.)
Fixed: Automatic tracking counters no longer require at least 1 link.
Fixed: Support for users with non-administrative privileges to install GroupMail.
(This is a fix for an issue where templates were installed in the wrong place when the user was not an administrator.)
Fixed: Issue when tracking a previously tracked sent message.

If the Upgrade Protection on your license is expired and you want to download this update, you can renew the Upgrade Protection on your license by clicking the Extend Cover button in the GroupMail Customers Area.

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