GroupMail version v5.3.0.136 is now available to download from the GroupMail Customers Area.

Release Notes: v5.3.0.136 May 8th, 2013

New: Revised Delivery Console algorithm for improved management of system resources.
New: Reliability improvements, particularly for high volume, high connection campaigns.
New: Improved delivery of very large messages and/or attachments.
New: Enhanced queue governor in support of very large volume email sending.

This release is very important for customers who send very large volumes of email, and/or very large email messages. The new GroupMail Delivery Console now tracks memory consumption of all queued and concurrently sending messages and uses this information to calculate a memory threshold below which the application will not queue any further messages.

Put simply, GroupMail is now more responsive and reliable then ever before.

If the Upgrade Protection on your license is expired and you want to download this update, you can renew the Upgrade Protection on your license by clicking the Extend Cover button in the GroupMail Customers Area.

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