GroupMail version v6.0.0.12 is now available to download from the GroupMail Customers Area.

Wikipedia describe RSS as “a family of standard web feed formats[2] to publish frequently updated information: blog entries, news headlines, audio, video”.

Therefore, we wanted to provide our customers with an easy way to add content from an rss feed directly to an email, which can then be used to send as a newsletter. This is why we created our RSS-to-Email feature which we’ve included in this latest release of GroupMail.


You create your content on your blog as normal, and add your RSS feed to GroupMail – then choose the articles you wish to include in your newsletter and add to your message, simple!

You can view our quick tutorial to get started here: How to populate a GroupMail message with content from a standard rss feed.

Release Notes: v6.0.0.12 May 12th, 2015

New: Insert RSS Feed Post Feature
Update: Minor User Interface Updates

If you’ve any questions or feedback about any of these updates, please get in touch.

If the Upgrade Protection on your license is expired and you want to download this update, you can renew the Upgrade Protection on your license by clicking the Extend Cover button in the GroupMail Customers Area.

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