GroupMail version is now available to download from the GroupMail Customers Area.

This month we have a major new release of GroupMail, which includes a brand new subscription management service (SURCA) for creating newsletter opt-in forms for your website and an improved way to easily manage your unsubscribes. This new web-service syncs directly with GroupMail, and includes options such as requesting the reason for unsubscribing, and can even be translated into your own language if required.

To get started, you need this latest version of GroupMail and a current Insights subscription. Remember, the first month is free to try, sign-up at Insights

Getting Started Tutorial: //


Release Notes: v6.0.0.17 Nov 9th, 2015

New: Subscription Helper Service (SURCA).
Update: Modified Insights links to use https://
Update: Minor UI changes
Fixed: Failed to verify all of the merge fields before switching to another group
Fixed: Unable to manually enter a redirect link for tracking
Fixed: // was incorrectly added to https:// redirect links

If you’ve any questions or feedback about any of these updates, please get in touch.

If the Upgrade Protection on your license is expired and you want to download this update, you can renew the Upgrade Protection on your license by clicking the Extend Cover button in the GroupMail Customers Area.


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