GDPR Revisited

So what happened to the burning issue of 2018?   Fearmongering about GDPR died down after it came into effect, but it is likely that the next few months will reveal the results of enforcement actions.     Rob Martin There’s … Read More

Why draping emails in ‘velvet’ means festive campaign success

With less than 4 weeks to go until Christmas and a flurry of sales campaigns arriving into inboxes, velvet is proving to be a highly clickable buzzword.     Rob Martin   The period between Black Friday and Christmas is one … Read More

Words matter, but so does engagement

Content is still important when seeking to avoid the spam folder, but spam filters have moved on to focus on engagement.     Rob Martin Now that GDPR is in place, you can be secure in the knowledge that your email … Read More

Email Flurry

Simple but key components of a good email campaign

Your subscribers are probably as smart and focused as you are. Keep it that way.     Rob Martin On any given day a Google search will deliver a host of articles on how to communicate your message effectively when people’s … Read More

Which way now? How to keep calm after the GDPR downpour

For email marketers, GDPR could genuinely mean that less is more and small is beautiful.     Rob Martin So, here we are. The week after the week before. GDPR finally came into effect on May 25th. It became clear in … Read More

Happy Birthday Email! Marking four decades of hitting send

The first mass email campaign was sent 40 years ago. Here’s why we think it’s going to be around in another 40.     Rob Martin On May 3, 1978, a man called Gary Thuerk sent out the first unsolicited mass … Read More

How using Artificial Intelligence can maximise your email marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing in popularity among email marketers as it saves time and helps maximise email marketing strategies.   Rob Martin Using AI technology can improve your email marketing, but it’s important to remember that it’s not there to … Read More

Email Marketing Trends 2018

Email marketing will continue to connect in 2018 but you’ll have to employ a few new tricks to keep engagement levels high.   Rob Martin Ah, the New Year. The turkey is history and the ‘new you’ is hitting the gym … Read More

Christmas Email Marketing Campaign

Christmas Email Marketing Campaign

Don’t be a humbug when it comes to sending your Christmas email campaign. After pushing hard sales for Black Friday, it’s vital to soften the tone for a successful Christmas campaign.   Rob Martin You’ve survived the frenzy of Black Friday … Read More

Email Marketing and GDPR

Email Marketing and GDPR

The EU is about to change the rules about keeping data. GDPR will soon be a very BIG deal for your business, regardless of size. And one thing is for sure, an expensive headache awaits if you ignore it. So, … Read More

Email Open

Email 2018: why I believe it’s finest hour is yet to come

Email is proving over and over again that it packs a bigger punch than social media, says Rob Martin.     Rob Martin In a noisy room it’s almost impossible to hear just one clear voice so the obvious advice is … Read More

Autumn Photo

It’s summer! That’s why now is the time to plan your Autumn push

The wheels of business start turning after the summer layoff and that means opportunities for clever email campaigns. By Rob Martin.   Rob Martin The sun is high in the sky. Warm waters lap at your feet and as temperatures soar … Read More

email marketing and social media

How to Integrate Email and Social Media Marketing

How to use social media and email to maximise your digital marketing plan Email marketing or social media: Which is the most effective in engaging with your audience? By Rob Martin.   Rob Martin Email is certainly more personal as it … Read More

Email Marketing Challenges and How To Resolve Them

Email fender benders (aka marketing challenges) and how to resolve them These include the questions of timing and personalization and above all, making sure you test, test and test! By Rob Martin.   Rob Martin You’d think that setting up your … Read More

How to write email subject lines that get opened

Step this way for some common sense on creating email subject lines Subject lines are vital and almost mystical source of debate. But is there anything as off-putting as those that try too hard? By Rob Martin.   Rob Martin The … Read More

Email Marketing Automation and the benefits

Email Marketing Automation and the benefits You don’t have to be technical wizard to set up an automated campaign and the results can be very satisfying indeed. By Rob Martin.   Rob Martin You don’t miss the water ‘til the well … Read More

Emails your subscribers cannot ignore

Emails your subscribers cannot ignore

Emails your subscribers cannot ignore Devising a marketing campaign which your subscribers – and the general public – cannot ignore, is the Holy Grail. By Rob Martin.   Rob Martin Since man first pressed the send icon on an electronic mail … Read More

Getting started with email marketing

Getting started with email marketing

Getting started with email marketing Who’s the target? What do you want them to do? Here’s our complete guide to planning your first email marketing campaign. By Rob Martin.   Rob Martin When you’re setting up your first campaign, it can … Read More

Increase Newsletter Subscriptions Ideas

Increase Newsletter Subscriptions

Increase Newsletter Subscriptions: Blogs, Discussion Lists, and Web Forums   Obviously, we all want everyone in the world to be as interested as we are in our newsletter, and more importantly our products and services. The fact is, many more … Read More

GroupMail Version 6.0.06 now available to download

GroupMail Version v6.0.06 is now available to download from the GroupMail Customers Area. In this release we focus on improving the email send speed for personalized messages. We’ve also made some changes to improve how https:// images are handled, as … Read More

GroupMail Version 6.0.05 now available to download

GroupMail Version v6.0.05 is now available to download from the GroupMail Customers Area. This month we’re releasing a new GroupMail 6 Subscriber add-on to make it even easer to manage your opt-ins, opt-outs, bounce messages and much more. We’ve also … Read More

GroupMail Version 6.0.04 now available to download

GroupMail Version v6.0.04 is now available to download from the GroupMail Customers Area. We had a fantastic response to the release of GroupMail 6 last month, thank you all for your comments, suggestions and feedback. This month we’re continuing to … Read More

Case Study with Photographer Steve Thornton

Name: Steve Thornton Country: US Industry: Photography Website: // Background We’ve got stunning interview with Steve Thornton this week. Steve Thornton (// is a 25+ year veteran advertising photographer with a wide range of abilities and interests. Steve shoots a … Read More

Case Study: Email Marketing with Markree Castle Hotel

Name: Patricia Cooper Country: Ireland Industry: Hospitality & Tourism Website: We talk to Patricia Cooper at Markree Castle Hotel about how they use GroupMail for their email marketing needs. Markree Castle has been in the Cooper name for 370 … Read More